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 What a journey this has been! A very special thank you to PBL10 for your insights and such differing points of view!!Despite viewing the scenarios from different angles, we managed to produce such works of educational art, that I doubt any one of...
I’ve come across Marti Cleveland-Innes’ ‘Community of Inquiry’ model before in thinking of how students connect with each other on learning platforms — particularly where I am trying to develop knowledge building communities (Scardamalia and Bereiter, 2006). These two weeks the topic was aligned to how online learning is effectively designed, and Cleveland-Innes delivered aContinue reading "The Topic 4 Blog: Design for online and blended learning"
Topic 5 At the moment it is still early for me to say what parts of online networked learning I will include in my teaching. The course has been very intense, and right now all the impressions are quite blended in my mind. At first, open learning sounded a bit suspicious to me. What isContinue reading "Blended mind"
One of my teacher training courses over ten years ago included reflecting on Hattie’s theory of visible learning as well as many other pedagogical perspectives. In student groups, we discussed the importance of teachers seeing learning through the eyes of students and various approaches to empowering students to take ownership of their own learning. There… Continue reading Moving forward
Interesting post this could be! I mean we have no specific question as such, it can be more of a reflection or my learning journey through ONL211. I read a few posts by peers (I am supposed to) and realised that most take this reflection pretty seriously listing positive and negatives. The style vary but […]
As I embarked on this ONL journey, I am not sure what my expectations were, apart from wanting to learn about learning in a digital classroom setting, however “fluffy” that might sound in writing. What I do know, however, is that my perspective on and my approach to this course has changed over time. From… Continue reading Transformation
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Looking forward to a season of learning, to be loss in the world of expectant exploration, of undefined areas of uncharted waters personally in the sea of blogs. Much like opening pandora box, unlike my defined life as a family physician.
“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” – Helen Keller. At a glance one can denote that the needs and expectations of current day learners have changed dramatically. Learning communities,are both physical and digital connections. In South Africa the cost of education is getting higher, alas learners are also learningContinue reading "The Power of Community– networked collaborative learning"
On Monday I attended a workshop: “Courageous Conversations” hosted by the East-West Center in Hawaii. “Leaders are often called upon to facilitate meaningful, civil, and sometimes difficult conversations” – and these courageous conversations are more important than ever in an increasingly polarized and divisive society. I see courageous conversations as bridge-builders; the opposite of shamingContinue reading "How are you, really?"
The scenario for topic 3 began with the following sentence “Most people I’ve come across have a rather weak idea of what it really means...