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Q5: How can you improve your own digital literacies? What are your digital literacy goals?A5: Be open. Try new things. Accept that you can’t know everything. Participate in interesting networks and learn from them. Reflect. #ONL192  In my profession I work with ITC, helping teachers to find digital tools for learning and collaboration. My team …

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“I’m sure you’ll understand my point of viewWe know each other mentally” Like the catchy phrase in the song physical by Olivia Newton John , the first topic of the ONL192 was about online participation and digital literacies, or in other words, about become a digital user, the consequences and responsibilities in our daily physical […]
Concluding all the discussions and reflections our group engaged in during the first topic on online participation and digital literacies would result in a short novel. Therefore, I have decided to only reflect upon the categorization of individuals in visitors/residents, or even natives/immigrants. In our group we discussed and reflected that labeling is in this … Continue reading Reflections of week 1
About me Hello, my name is Diego.I am from Brazil and works at UFRJ (Rio de Janeiro’s Federal University). I am not a teacher, but I work directly with education through administrative work. I am also a lawyer and curious about all kinds of knowledge that can help in my personal development.Therefore, education is very […]
Learning reflections So what did I learn during the first weeks in Topic 1? Be patient! As a beginner it has taken a lot of time only to understand where on the web sites I’ll find the right information for the subjects.. Now i’m getting to understand better. The PBL method is almost like what […]
My digital citizen journey As a forty-something-year-old I belong to the Millennials according to the following classification (in another classification I belong to the Generation X).  Source: Technologycityin.com I’m of a generation who made school reports on a typewriter. I even wrote reports by hand. And I remember my first time on a computer; 1986. We […]
So, this weeks topic for me has been about putting myself and my own experiences into the context, for example a framework such as DigComp 2.1. In my work as a teaching librarian I´m familiar with different kinds of frameworks and we use them regularly. But one day as I looked on the picture on […]
At first I was quiet apprehensive of the ONL192 course because my colleagues said that there is quiet a lot of work involved. As I started the course it was very interesting to me that because of technology we connect with different types of cultures from all over the world. The dynamics in my group are great. I have very strong academics as well as strong personalities in my group. I sometimes find it hard to voice my opinion as I find myself intimidated by how intellectual my group really is a [...]
When I searched for the definition for Digital Literacy, I was spoilt for choice with the information I got, but the one I found that describes this new technological lingo is in Education Week by Heitin (2016)who defines  digital literacy as “the ability to use information and communication technologies to find, evaluate, create, and communicate information, […]
During the OpenNetworkedLearning course we have been examining the continuum between the digital visitors and residents supplemented by the continuum of personal versus institutional use of different technologies. In this text I will take a look at one of the most commonly discussed aspects: social media platforms. My impression is that some of the leading motivations … Continue reading Digital Visitor or Just Silent?
Since I started the Open Networked Learning (ONL) course a lot has happened. First, however, I must tell the history of how I became an ONL student. Learning has always been fun to me and, as I have learned, sharing any accumulated knowledge with others seemed not only exciting but also fair. I saw the […]