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Last topic of the course. Time to say goodbye. After several weeks of learning, exchanges, growth… a mixture of feelings comes over me. On the one hand, I am happy for the job done and also a little relieved that I no longer have to devote so many hours a week to the course. However,Continuar lendo "Final blog post"
I think the main merit of participating in the course actually has been to take part in a structured online course entity, and through that becoming familiar with tools that can be useful when having to structure and run online and blended learning courses in the future. As this will be expected from us byContinue reading "Topic 5"
What does ‘being open’ mean and what is its value? Does the value lie in open content? Does the value lie in the interactions that occur through discussions? Does the value lie in openness created within social places, and not always confined to an ins...
After working with the ONL 192 course for a full three months it’s time to sum up my thoughts and lessons learnt. It’s been an exciting ride: meeting new friends in our PBL group, trying our way in problem based learning, struggling with how to make good use of digital tools, crazy scheduling to makeFortsätt läsa "The end of the beginning"
This is my final entry addressing the ONL course – it’s on topic 5 “lessons learned – future practices” This course was quite an experience! It kept me breathless throughout – from being overwhelmed in the beginning by being confronted with a completely new experience of course design and learning activities, to further taking part … Continue reading Future practices of teaching
This entry is part of the course ONL192 (topic 4 “Blended Learning / Design”)  In which way can emotions facilitate students’ learning experience? How can they create more commitment in students and in which way do they help the course to be completed by a majority of participants rather than a few? This entry, as … Continue reading Teaching and Emotions
This entry is part of the course ONL192 (topic 3 Learning in Communities) Online teaching and learning can be a very distanced, detached experience – high drop out rates and incomplete assignments haunt the online learning environments in many conventional distance courses. Taking this course, the ONL 192, helped me to understand why this happens … Continue reading Learning through friendship
This topic got off to to a slow start for me, as I was on exchange at a partner university during the first week, thus missing out on the meeting held then, and thus finding it difficult to allocate time to contribute much during that week. Additionally, our group had by now shrunk to threeContinue reading "Topic 4"
After a week of reflections and discussions with myself and others it is time to make the final blog post about ONL192. The suggestions for the blog post is questions like; What effect has the learning experience from this course had on your development of personal learning networks and your own professional practice? What were … Fortsätt läsa Topic 5 – final blog post about ONL
When arriving at Topic 4 I had a strong feeling that everyone in our group were becoming a bit overwhelmed (I’m looking at you Pinar) with the amount of work required to complete the course. To lessen the strain on everyone we decided to take on a different route for how to approach the topicFortsätt läsa "Less is More"
Collaborative learning. I always like to start my articles with brief definitions of the main subject that will be dealt with, but in this post I must first say that so far this was the subject that definitely impacted me most, and possibly that will generate a great transformation in my relationship with education. Now,Continuar lendo "TOPIC 3 – Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning"