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One more surprise during the ONL course, because “design” only partially means what comes to mind when we think about design. Obviously, a properly designed interface and tool is very important, but this is just one aspect of designing (for and of) online and blended learning. I am strongly inspired by the film and theCzytaj dalej "Design is more than it seems"
When first starting the ONL202 course, I was first a bit terrified of the length and magnitude of work to put into it. How should I be able to balance work and the course workload at the same time? I will not say it has not taken a lot of time, it...
 Until next time! The meme above, with David Hasselhoff comfortably surfing that scary wave, was our group (PBL03) meme. It could not reflect my experience through the course better. We began timidly sharing ideas and arguments in Microsoft w...
In this last blog post I will summarize my main take-aways from the ONL course and also reflect about future steps. Let me start by a meme although this picture doesn’t show the whole truth about reasons for converting to online or distance courses with blended learning (for other reasons see my last blog post).Continue reading "Lessons learnt and future practice (through the metaphors of traffic situations)"
My initial reason to participate on ONL course was that…I had to. I need to perform different courses relating to teaching and pedagogy as part of my ‘teaching in higher education’ training that is mandatory for my lector’s position. ONL course was basically the only option that there was currently available in English and that’s … Continue reading "Personally valuable lessons learned during the ONL course"
Learning is the process of acquiring new understanding, knowledge, behaviors, skills, values, attitudes, and preferences...LEARN! LEARN! LEARN!!WHAT? WHAT FOR?My little monkey has started the journey. I don´t know why really...maybe just because h...
It’s been an intense yet interesting experience for me participating in this Open Networked Learning course that focuses on online teaching over the past three months. At the beginning of the course, I must say that I felt frustrated given that the instructions were very confusing, the amount of information was huge, and the tasks […]
 My university, The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) has grand ambitions for the future! SLU aim to double the number of students in the next upcoming years. If you knew that the number of students is only about 3900 you migh...
We have reached the end of the road for ONL, and we are now wrapping up the final strands of the course, as well the final embers of year 2020. 2021 will be the year where we apply some of the new disciplines and tools learned this year into a “brave new world” of uncertainty […]
And just like that, the ONL202 course has come to an end. When I think back over the weeks of new topic introductions, recommended readings and PBL group discussions, a couple of reflections and observations come to mind. First, the range of emotions experienced from the start to the end of the course.  This began […]
The semester before I participated in ONL202, my university asked all instructors to convert our classes into online teaching during the second half due to the emergency situation of COVID-19. Both instructors and students were not well prepared to cope with the sudden change and our emotional exhaustion and frustration rose significantly from this online […]
Regardless of our teaching delivery mode, I believe that most if not all instructors must have run group assignments in our classes at some point. Most universities where I have taught usually set a policy that allocates up to 30% group assignment. This rule has both positive and negative implications. On the bright side, it […]
Cannot believe that this is coming to an end!!! Time just pass so fast. I never thought I will be able to enjoy my online course as much as I am right now. It is kind of sad to know that this is coming to an end. Being a junior educator in higher education sector,Continue reading "Reflecting on ONL"
What are the most important things that you have learnt through your engagement in the ONL course? Why? I think that this course will grow on me. So much content to absorb and use when creating my next on-line course. I am somewhat overwhelmed, how will I be able to create courses that take into considerationFortsätt läsa "What have I learned?"
The start: Expectations, and some chaos When I signed up for ONL202, I already knew it was going to take some time. But I thought that having thirty something years of teaching experience, and several years in blended or online formats, I would be well prepared. I expected to learn a bit more about someFortsätt läsa "ONL: Shift Happens!"