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When it comes to learning creating effective online learning, learning by doing by doing still beats the books. Online tools can to some degree make up for interaction and pedagogical techniques

Now, my ONL journey is over. Although it wasn´t always easy to find the time for the meetings, the readings, the research, the tasks and especially the blog I´ll surely miss the regular webinars and especially meeting my PBL-group. It was absolutely new for me to meet people over several weeks only online and inContinue reading "Lessons learned"
Design for online and blended learning – that´s topic 4 and the end of my ONL journey is in sight. But first we have to think about how we could convince the head of our department to keep some changes which were made because of the corona-time. That is the scenario for topic 4. WellContinue reading "Online versus on-campus"
It is time to summarize this course. What do I learnt during last three months? I have start blogging for the first time ever, and find it enjoyable if I have time for reflection. Right know I´m listing to the Swedish rock band Eldkvarns brilliant interpretation of Cornelius Vreeswijks ”somliga går med trasiga skor” andFortsätt läsa "Final countdown"
This blog post should have been posted on April 25th or so. But I was busy at that time and then it was forgotten. Anyhow, here it comes. Me and one of my peers was topic leaders during topc 3. And it was my task to make sure our Share-part was carried...
It is silent around me. The only think I hear is the light sound of the waves which are splashing on the tropical beach beach. I can feel the sand around my naked feet and when I open my eyes, I see nothing more than a blue sky, a deserted beach and kilometers of palmsContinue reading "A Blended Reality"
“Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers. The freedom and pluralism of the media shall be respected.” These words originate from the European Union Charter of Fundamental Rights (ArticleContinue reading "Prohibition of Thoughts and Speech in Group Work"
I am now making the last week of the ONL-course and I will summarize my thoughts. When doing so I will focus on what I have learnt and what I am going to do now with the new tools acquired.So what are the new tools in my toolbox? As I have told you bef...
In the last topic we have discussed how to convince a department head that we need to work with online and blended learning. It has been good discussions and it is clear that we can come up with more reasons and arguments, both for and against, doing t...

Collaboration in online learning can open extensive possibilities in knowledge creation, surpassing individual learners’ efforts. Achieving collaboration, however, can be a challenge. Chiriac and Granström (2012), Hämäläinen and Vähäsantanen (2011). Janssen