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The first two weeks working on Topic 1: Online participation and digital literacies have been very busy but interesting! I have started to reflect on myself as an individual in this digital age and what has characterized my journey so far. In the webinar on digital literacies on Tue 1 October with David White and […]
(ONL 192) Digital literacy, identity and online learning I am born in the 1980 s, so I have grown up with internet starting to make a path to everyone’s homes in Finland. Its funny thinking about it nowadays, you had to use the telephone cable for internet access and connect by hearing the sound: “beep […]
Reflection: these Past two weeks I have learnt a lot about digital literacy. I must admit that It was nice to meet and see who was part of my group. Come to think of it, I think we have a good diversity in various professions. this is what i have leaned so far: Although, there […]
HI! I am a sweedish- speaking Finn from Porvoo Finland. Porvoo is located approximately 50km east from Helsinki. A small town (50 000 people living in Porvoo) with a beautiful archipelago. I’m working as a part-time teacher in nursing at Arcada University of applied scienses in Helsinki Finland. I’m also studying my masters degree in […]
Met further group members at the second meeting and I start to understand how this will work. We are working on our first presentation, just wait and see, it may be revolutionizing!
Getting to know my PBL group at a first meeting. A bit confusing to be honest, but I feel safe the group and facilitators will make everything feel easy.
Open Networked Learning (ONL) describes itself as, “An open online course about open online teaching and learning.” https://www.opennetworkedlearning.se/ This past week I began my participation in Open Networked Learning – ONL 192. I came across this global, online teaching and learning opportunity I believe through peers in the Creative Commons Certification course I completed earlier … Continue reading ONL 192 Beginnings
I am starting this blog as part of a course I am attending. First challenge – learn Word Press. At later posts, I will reflect over certain scenarios discussed during the course in this blog. More to come 🙂 #ONL192 #opennetworklearning
Hej jag testar
I am working on the onl space
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