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It is spring 2020 and I have never been so active online before in my life, also I have never been so isolated from my colleagues and students.  The ONL-course coincided with Covid-19, which made taking part in the course more difficult, while, at the same time the ONL discussions and seminars made me better […]
This fall I will teach a course about Swedish architectural history, it covers about 1000 years of churches, castles, parks, barns, apartments and university buildings. It is an online course and it has about 50-100 students. It is going to be necessary to make some changes to the course and my thoughts concern how to […]
I learnt a lot during the ONL course and I also had a good time with my PBL-Group. The best thing best were the discussions in the group with really expanded my knowledge base.Also it was nice to get different views from different countries so that I could come out of my German influenced “learning-bubble” … Continue reading Good Bey ONL!
As a researcher in the humanities you often feel alone, tradition maintains that you should write your text, on your own, in your office. The ideas your pour into the research and texts should spring from your own clever conclusions. Not only does this not work very well, it is rarely the truth. To make […]
Knowledge is a common good and should be made accessible. As a teacher, I like getting easy access to both educational resources and research. Naturally technology is a primary driver but also legislation and attitudes among students and staff. However, for an educational online resource to be of any use for university teachers there are […]
The last twelve weeks were really long and really short at the same time. So many changes, so many new things. In strange times, it was good to have the structure of a course, meet new people, and discover new things. This iteration of the ONL course was certainly unique in that respect. All ofContinue reading "Time’s up!"
In the movie ”The Matrix“ – which as I now realize is more than 20 years old – the character Neo is introduced into the world of the “The Matrix” by his mentor Morpheus and in the end of his introduction he is told: “I can only show you the door. You’re the one thatContinue reading "A reflection on ONL"
The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting measures of social distancing have been a large shock also to the university landscape forcing to switch teachers to pure Online Learning (OL) measures. Currently, OL is like teenage sex. Everyone wants to do it, but no one knows how it works. While OL activities used to be moreContinue reading "The practice of Online Learning"
This week was all about online and blended learning.In my facility we are normally using a blended learning design.Starting with some text-input and an online questionnaire and than a first in-person meeting. In the first meeting the participants get some more information for the topic and they organize themselves into groups for the exam. The … Continue reading Design for online learning
Working together with others is part of basically every ones work schedule. As such, students should also acquire this important skill in their university education in collaborative learning settings. During our group meetings we reflected what drives collaborative work and quickly identified one key factor: diversity. However, this factor was both considered as a factorContinue reading "Diversity in collaborative online learning"
In this topic I reflected the benefits and restrictions of collaborative learning.I think sometimes collaborative learning is a new hype but it’s not adequate for every topic or every group. I think the biggest advantages for me are the possibility to discuss a topic and to collect new ideas. You can get really creative and … Continue reading Collaborative Learning
We all live, work and learn in a digital world, and depending on our needs we develop different kinds of digital literacies. I have been teaching online for about a year now and this experience has made me reflect on how I use digital technique, both professionally and private. Digital literacy consists of a number […]