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The first topic was explored over two weeks, we were all still newly learning to engage with one another online as well as learning new skills needed to become residents online rather than just visitors. I am learning that being digitally literate we s...
Hi everybody! White & Le Cornu presentations make me enter a new world. What is to be a visitor or a resident? I decided to google a bit more about “digital literacy” and I found this very interesting article. You can read more following the link below , but here is what I extracted from […]
Entering the digital world that way is new for me and is still a real challenge. I mainly teach medical school students and PhD students in the lab and I was confused at the beginning: « how to use these tools in my teaching space? » « are they relevant in my work? » « Would that bring something interesting […]
Dear reader, It is almost a norm today to be digitally literate, or, at least, to aspire to be such. This is my view of the matter, at least, and I cannot seem to decide whether for me it is a dystopian view and a destructive norm to be resisted, or simply a natural consequence […]
I went to Cameroon to develop international relationships with potential local collaborators. I visited the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA) and the Congo Basin Institute (CBI, affiliated to UCLA in USA), which are two well-implanted Institutes in the Yaoundé region. And I visited the University of Yaounde 1, department of animal biology, to give … Continue reading Teaching Symbiosis in Yaoundé, Cameroon
I have started the blog! This is where my reflections will be posted - watch this space!
During the second week of the course I was placed in Group 5 and our group could use any app to present ourselves we decided to use padlet because it has different ways to present information. One could make a video, add a powerpoint presentation, pla...
Dear reader, First steps are baby steps – right? The ONL course has started, and I suppose I should try to learn how to use WordPress before we actually “have” to produce text and publish something on our new blogs. So, what better way than to start doing the doing, as my dear thesis supervisor […]
Technology is changing the world rapidly then of course the old 'talk and chalk' classroom is in need of a facelift. I have always been amazed with using different applications to make a video or a cartoon , I could never do those things on its own but...
Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde. You want to share, learn, get inspired, please connect to the blog and let’s start sharing!
Hi everybody, let’s start this interesting journey in the connecting (and learning) world. I have everything to learn, and hopefully something to bring to built the community. My name is Marion Korach-André, I am a French active women with a lot of passions. First, I have my lovely husband and my wonderful 4 kids. We […]
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