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At first I was quiet apprehensive of the ONL192 course because my colleagues said that there is quiet a lot of work involved. As I started the course it was very interesting to me that because of technology we connect with different types of cultures from all over the world. The dynamics in my group are great. I have very strong academics as well as strong personalities in my group. I sometimes find it hard to voice my opinion as I find myself intimidated by how intellectual my group really is a [...]
My first time to use internet can be dated back to 1999. At that time I first got an email account and sent emails to my pen-friends in the US. Slowly I learned to use internet to look for information and other social media. I was very keen om learning new staff online until about […]
My perceptions on online teachingAs a researcher starting a new position at a University, I was quite exited with the idea of taking the role as a teacher. In my mind, being a teacher was to provide education to students in physical classrooms. I immed...
first two online sessions just finished – many informations and good discussions. Different views on social media and digital literacies. Some new thoughts and ideas for myself. Looking forward to the next week 🙂
I was bit apprehensive as I missed the first week meeting. However, I watched the recording and I felt better. It was an awesome experience to write on my blog for the first time. the second meeting we were introduced to the topics and had to choose one that we would like to facilitate. I […]
I am so excited to have a blog with my name on it. Makes me feel so tech savvy. I have been in the tertiary landscape for the last 30 years, working in public and private education. Currently I am the Dean of Faculty of Humanities at Educor Holdings in South Africa, Durban. It is […]
This week we got to meet all the group members. It was exciting to learn more about other teachers from all over the world, but at the same time I also felt a little nervous. But I guess that is why I am here, to challenge and to develop!
Smile— Dirk Möller (2019). This is the first post on my new blog. Never thought to create and work with blogs or something like this… Hmmm, but on the other side, why not…
This is Dirk Möller from Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences in Germany. I have a degree in sport sciences (Dipl.-Sportwiss.) and physical therapy with advanced skills in manual therapy (IFOMPT), therapeutic climbing, MTT and applied biomechanics (movement analysis). I worked for a long time in several physiotherapy practices and rehabilitation hospitals. Since 2012, my focus […]
I post about what I have learned in the course Open Networked Learning ONL192. The way we should develop digital literacies is more progressive than sequential. — Doug Belshaw. In the past ten years, I have worked at five different universities in Finland and Sweden. During my past four years in Sweden, I have worked […]
You’re just visiting my blog – I`m happy you do so! Let me tell you something about myself. My name is Laura and I have been working in the field of (continuing) education since 2006. I have thaught several generations of students in history and philosophy BA and now I have moved on to a […]
Just as I am writing this blogpost I am attending the 31st Annual EAIE Conference in Helsinki, Finnland. The title of this year`s event is “encompassing all voices” and this was also what the Opening Plenary was about. We are more than 6000 people attending the Conference and the key note speaker, Simon Anholt, implored […]
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