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12 weeks felt fast and slow at the same time. I think I have definitely gained a lot of insights from my peers in my PBL group (shoutout to PBL09) who are all so witty, funny, and unapologetically themselves (often creating lots of laughter in our meetings). Being part of an online learning group reallyContinue reading "End of Course Reflection"
We have reached the end of the ONL course, this is our last week. Now it is time to reflect on what we have been done and learnt during the past months. Reflective thoughts about my learning and involvement in the ONL course The first aspect that I want to mention is that the ONL… Continue reading Lessons learnt (ONL topic 5)
It’s 2020, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that technology can be used to enhance learning. But have you ever thought of using memes as a learning tool? That’s right. Memes! Memes are images, videos, or micro texts that are spread rapidly by internet users. They are typically humorous in nature and are oftenContinue reading "The power of memes for learning"
OK then, it’s (sadly) time for me to blog post for the final time in this course and to summarize my experiences and what I have learned through these weeks that began already back in February.The ONL team has kindly put together questions for me to us...
Hi guys,OK so about this topic I have chosen to reflect on “Are there opportunities for further development in this area that you have identified as a result of your own experience as a learner in the ONL course and of your engagement in this topic?” f...
One of the central tenets of the online networked learning approach seems to be that teachers do not drive learning. We do not (and cannot) transmit knowledge into learners’ minds. We can create situations, environments and events where learning can take place. And we can give learners the tools, resources and confidence to learn byContinue reading "Design for online and blended learning – Is the teacher redundant?"
All good things must come to an end, even ONL. So, it’s time to sum things up and reflect about the entire course. What have I learned, and how will it affect my teaching in the future? First, I would like to applaud the meta organisation of the course; we have learned about online learningContinue reading "ONL201 – Final thoughts"
OK so for this topic I have chosen to reflect on ‘an occasion when real collaborative learning took place that moved your own thinking forward’, as it is aptly put on the ONL page.Although I have experienced some collaborative learning in the past (but...
We are approaching the end of the Open Networked Learning course. This time we have addressed topic 4, being the focus on technology-enhanced learning design, which is one of my top practice and research interests within my academic trajectory in educational technology. On the other hand, of course, the topic comes now really timely, since… Continue reading Reflection on topic 4: design for online and blended learning
För att kunna lära måste du känna / Annars blir din kunskap grå och platt Lisa Ekdahl, På jakt efter solen, 1994 (To learn, you must feel / Otherwise your knowledge will be grey and flat.) Topic 4 is about designing courses for online and blended learning, a large and complex topic, worthy of finalisingContinue reading "Emotional reflections"