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Q5: How can you improve your own digital literacies? What are your digital literacy goals?A5: Be open. Try new things. Accept that you can’t know everything. Participate in interesting networks and learn from them. Reflect. #ONL192  In my profession I work with ITC, helping teachers to find digital tools for learning and collaboration. My team …

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The first two weeks of the ONL 192 course have passed – two weeks that passed very fast, because there was so much to do and to learn. I and my excellent pair were co-facilitating Diane during the first two weeks of the course. Our topic was digital literacy and online participation. What a huge […]
When investigating Topic 1 in the ONL-course I stumbled upon a problem I’ve been thinking about in the classroom. The problem of students being tempted to use their electronic devices for off-topic activities and thus draw attention from the learning activity at hand. I found an article by Neiterman and Zaza (2019) where they investigate […]
Photo: Banter Snapshttps://unsplash.com/photos/N0hj8Zxte7Q About meMy name is Bianca and I work at University of Oldenburg, Germany, in our Center for Lifelong Learning. We offer part-time study programs for professionals. I am responsible for developi...
Reading “Visitors and residents: A new typology for online engagement” by David White and Alison Le Cornu made me reflect on a recent experience. When I introduced blended learning into one of my courses last year, I thought that my students would enjoy the online learning activities because it would be very different from the […]
When I reflect on my behavior on the web I think I’m mainly a visitor (using Dave’s definition) and I don’t leave many social marks behind. I am very comfortable with many tools, so the technical side is rarely a problem to me.   As a person, I’m clearly an introvert and I have a […]
The first week of the ONL course was a little daunting. However the first meeting was great. Everyone is incredibly helpful and nice. Particpating in the introduction was interesting. It always nice to start something new and meet new people. I am looking forward to working on my first FISH model and hope to contribute… Continue reading Getting connected
Hello Everyone. My name is Jamie Murugan and I am happy to finally be a blogger! I am a cooperative education manager at Educor Holdings. I have included a FAQ section to help you get to know me better Favourite Colour: Blue Favourite Pet: Dogs…All dogs Current Role: I am responsible for the experiential learning… Continue reading Getting to know Jamie !!
My ONL journey starts today. I’m very excited about what’s in store!
Ok….so this is my first post in my very first blog. No pressure, but this has to be good!   So the course Open Networked Learning started today. It will be good……I think. Right now I’m a bit confused but it’s supposed to be like this. In two weeks or so it will be clearer. […]
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