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‘And then you just record your lectures and Voilà – you are online‘. No – absolutely not. Creating a proper online course or even a blended online course requires usually a completely new game plan. In many cases, the best practice is to start from the scratch when transforming a traditional course into online course. … Continue reading "Why not to go online: part 1 – giving birth is usually very heavy"
Topic 4 is a great summary and sharing of our ideas and experiences of online and blended learning. The learning materials and activities, especially the padlet and webinar activities were very engaging. I remember in the webinar’s breakout session, I … Continue reading
Taking ONL201 in spring 2020 turned out to be timely. The sudden transition to online teaching due to the COVID-19 pandemic provided plenty of examples to illustrate the theory we discussed during the course.  For me, the transition to online teaching was smooth, as I had already blended the course I was teaching at theContinue reading "Topic 5"
In the best of worlds, blended learning offers the best of two worlds. Mixing face-to-face with online elements could really be ideal, and there is a wealth of literature pointing at its benefits, from the students’ and the educators’ points of view (see e.g. Cleveland-Innes and Wilton (2018), Lopéz-Peréz et al. (2011) and references therein).Continue reading "Topic 4"
In Topic 3 we have focused on collaborative learning. This topic and its scenario was the (so far!) most challenging task for our PBL group. And in a sense, that is illustrative.  We started off trying to understand just what is meant by collaborative learning, and a personal learning network. It requires communication and coordinationContinue reading "Topic 3"
In topic 2, our team explored the use of Coogle (https://coggle.it/)  to collaborate and prepare our presentation for our topic. Overall, i feel that there are so many take-away lessons from this collaborative process: Tools for collaborative learning Together with … Continue reading