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Topic 4 was especially beneficial for me for 2 main reasons. Firstly, it was a timely opportunity for me to reflect on my own efforts in recent years to promote collaboration amongst my own students with the help of blended learning. 2 years ago I started experimenting with online learning activities and, to my surprise,Continue reading "Wearing the learner’s hat: Viewing blended learning from a student’s perspective (Topic 4)"
With this final reflection ends my fast and furious learning experience in ONL192 😊. I am absolutely thrilled by this extremely intense time with fantastic new insides, great collaboration experience and countless opportunities to reflect on the blend...
It was an overwhelming experience to take part in the ONL course. I am proud of making it till the end…! The course did take much time and effort, but it gave even – endless – more. I learnt to get along with very many more or less new online tools. Twitter, SWAY, prezi, canvas,Continue reading "Topic 5 – lessons learnt"
Blogs – looking back at my own blogs, I can see that I have developed from a sceptical, scared individual with lots of doubts into an individual that is now thinking positively about online learning and blended learning.  I don’t feel the same about writing the blog – it is still painful and I am … Continue reading Topic 5: Lessons learnt
When a colleague tiped me of the ONL I just had a quick look and shrug my shoulders and said “Shure, why not?”. I was also about to plan for a new online course so it fitted me quite perfect. I registered and then actually forgot about it.   Then suddenly it was time to […]
The ONL has been one of the best courses I have been on. The most important things that I take with me from the course are as follows: Structure is everything: a good course must be mapped out well. Introduction is key, availability and access to learning materials is crucial and there must be a… Continue reading Topic 5: Lessons Learnt, Personal Networks Created & Fun Times Shared…… I look forward to a changed outlook on Teaching and Learning.
The past two weeks has been both uplifting and reflective. When studying both the “Five Stage Model” [Salmon 2013] and the “Community of Inquiry” (CoI) [Vaughan 2103] my teacher self has been confirmed and I realize that I am doing much right in my online teaching, but there are also very much room for improvements, […]
The weeks are passing quickly, and we are now half way through the course. The last two weeks have not only brought many new ideas into my mind, but also gave me the opportunity to co-lead topic 3 with Bianca from Germany. Topic 3 was about collaborative learning, which encouraged to reflect on collaborative learning in …

Continue reading "From cooperation to collaboration. How reflection and choice of tool can influence the discussion."