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Learning reflections So what did I learn during the first weeks in Topic 1? Be patient! As a beginner it has taken a lot of time only to understand where on the web sites I’ll find the right information for the subjects.. Now i’m getting to understand better. The PBL method is almost like what […]
photo credit: Luis Alfonso Orellana on Unsplash I’ve been lucky to join a good group in the open online course called Open Networked Learning (ONL). We are joining from Brazil, Finland Germany, South Africa, Sweden and the US. Some people are Open Learners; others have university affiliations. For the past two weeks, my ONL group (the Eleveners) … Continue reading "ONL and Metacognitive Learning"
The internet is like a box of chocolates? Like many of my fellow travellers in this ONL course (circa 192), there has been a lot to marvel at and digest during these first few weeks alone. There has been exposure to new paradigms that I’m still chewing on and digesting, such as David White’s (2014) […]
Taking an interactive online course can be challenging and may feel overwhelming to a person who is used to traditional on-campus courses. In this case the person is suddenly exposed to many challenges in getting started with the learning activity, especially to get familiar with and use digital tools and platforms “the beasts”. This blogpost […]
When you are learning a computer programming language, the very first program that you write is to display the text “Hello World” on computer screen. There are different variations of this text, e.g., “Hello Moon” or “Hello Mars” depending on personal liking and taste ☺. Well, the point here is that I wanted to start […]
The OLN entries are related to the Online Learning Network. OLN began in 2012 with the work Lars Uhlin of Karolinska Institutet, Sweden and Chrissi Nerantzi of Manchester Metropolitan University, UK and Maria Kvarnstöm also of Karolinska Institutet. This fall I’m excited to be a part of the Open Learning Network (OLN). My understanding of … Continue reading "OLN Learning"
Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde. This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.
Oh, how timid I feel moving in this brave new world of WordPress! Like a timid virtual mouse, I’d like to stay among the online objects which are familiar to me and which I can easily navigate and play around with–however, nothing ventured, nothing gained! Who am I? I’m a university English teacher who still […]
Dear all, this is the first time I’m blogging, so it will be in the simplest way in the beginning. My name is Katarina, I love the nature which make me feel belonging to something bigger! I crossed the Atlantic sea with a Swan-65 (red trousers!) and have a big extended family in Mocambique and […]
When teaching, I often think about the physical aspect of how teachers and learners begin the experience. From the very moment students enter the space there are overt and subtle messages about how this experience will unfold. This is also true with online learning as well. The instructor defines many aspects of the learning space; … Continue reading "Teaching and the Body"
We hear about the importance of creating a safe and supportive learning environment often. Typically ice breakers serve as a way to help students feel more relaxed, learn about each other and ease into learning. Thinking back to an ice breaker experience from a course about six or seven years ago, the prompt was “what’s … Continue reading "Don’t Break the Ice… Melt It"
Code switching is just a fancy way to talk about the way we use language – one or more – ways of speaking and choice of words to connect and fit in.  When I was kid I grew up in a very poor neighborhood with the kind of address that when you declare it (if … Continue reading "Code Switching"
Connie Malamed maintains a comprehensive, well organized and informative site called the eLearning Coach. I recently found this article and used this list of ten qualities to consider these qualities in relation to teaching and also determine how one might develop these qualities where needed. Three of the qualities stood out to me as a … Continue reading "Connie Malamed’s “10 Qualities of the Ideal Instructional Designer” as a guide."