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Depending on who’s asking, a meme is a novel evolutionary concept, a complex cultural phenomenon, of a picture with a writing in Impact font, white-filled, with a black border. Topic 5, at the conclusion of our ONL journey, discusses briefly what we have learned, and asks us to put our conclusions in meme form. What… Continue reading Topic 5: ceci n’est pas un meme
To assess myself as a facilitator of online learning, I used the Online Facilitation Checklist (City University, 2016) to identify strengths and areas of development: Check that all resources, activities and links work and are accessible by students.This is certainly … Läs mer
Vaughan et al. (2013) positions the ideas of engagement and academic inquiry as central both for higher education and for learning communities, and use the Community of Inquiry (CoI) framework to discuss blended learning in higher education. Blended learning is … Läs mer
This topic was a real eye opener. I thought I had already been involved in quite a bit of ”open learning”, but as it turns out there are several aspects of openness that I haven’t really been aware of. To … Läs mer
Over the last two weeks of ONL201, the topic has been “Design for online and blended learning”, and I have learned about the Community of Inquiry (CoI) framework and about the important role of emotions in learning (Cleveland-Innes, 2019a, 2019b). When I first skimmed the content of our work for Topic 4, I immediately thoughtContinue reading "Topic 4: Emotional Presence"
Taking this “course” has been a tremendous experience. I write “course” because from early on I never saw the meetings, the webinars, or the assignments as part of my regular work load. Instead, the ONL201 provided a welcoming break from the sometimes-hectic academic life and the challenging time that we all, in our own ways,Fortsätt läsa "Joel Martinsson, zooming out."
Imagine you are lecturing in front of a full aula with over 100 students. The topic is parliamentary democracy in national context. A topic which, of course, is your favorite. The students are mainly freshmen at the University. Since you reaaaaaaaaly want the lecture to go well, you have bunkered down for days: reading upFortsätt läsa "Just-in-time for Blended Learning"