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Open_Learning Openness somehow depends on personal characteristics. But, it can be improved time by time, particularly during this #COVID-19 outbreak. We need to trust and share with each other the available data, information and knowledge. During this topic, we brainstormed the ideas circling around the Fish scenario. I summarized some of thoughts as below: Amin’sContinue reading "#ONL202 BPL07"
Online participation and Digital literacies The ice breaking session is always coming with fear and lack of trust. It was the first time, we met with the people with each from different country and with different background. Icebreaking has started by Patrik as the coordinator and then led by Karin and Lena. I like theContinue reading "#ONL202 PBL07"
This year has been interesting, to say the least, both for online learning in general and for my personal experience with it. Covid-19 has defined anything and everything this year, and it has accelerated the process of moving material online in many countries, institutions, and workplaces. In some places this has worked really well, while … Continue reading "Openness in Learning – Lessons learnt and a view to the future"
The fourth topic of #ONL202 has been instructional design for online and blended learning, and has much evolved around the CoI (Community of Inquiry) model (https://coi.athabascau.ca/coi-model/). My previous blog post dealt with the addition of a fourth presence,  the emotional presence, which I still find valuable in online teaching, even though current pedagogical theory viewsFortsätt läsa "Blended learning -different blends for different students?"
PLN or Personal Learning Network is based on learning theories such as connectivism that can leverage internet technologies to connect us to our colleagues, mentors, and professionals to enhance our learning and help us to take charge of our own professional development. PLN theories are extensively addressed here by Kay Oddone. In all areas, developments … Continue reading "Learning using PLN"
I think the most important issues that I learned concerned the ethics of open online learning. All these discussion took place in our lively ONL group 12. The ethical questions we discussed were multiple: how to protect student and faculty from cyberbu...
My question to Marty Cleveland-Innes on the padlet wasn’t answered. Therefore, I take the opportunity to use the question as a starting point for this reflection for topic 4. The question rose in my mind during reading the course literature for this topic. After experiencing about 10 months of digital distance teaching, synchronous didactic interactionContinue reading "Blended learning dynamics"
Coming from a social constructionist perspective on learning, collaborative work for students is given. Or at least group learning processes of different kinds. What does collaborative learning mean in the online context, that is not also true for collaborative learning processes in the face to face environment? Brindley et.al (2009) stresses the importance for teachersContinue reading "Reflection on Topic 3"
Reflection of ONL 202 For this blog post I want to reflect upon the last ten weeks, for which I have been a part of the Open Networked Learning course and I want to reflect my experiences with the help of guiding questions that have been provided by the ONL facilitators.   In old “FISh”-traditionContinue reading "Friday, December 18th"