ONL first blog post – Feel me!

Hi, I am Sigrid Eldh. A Senior Lecturer at Mälardalen University (through I am taking the course). I am also working at Ericsson as a Senior Specialist on Software test technology. And I am an Adjunct professor at Carlton University in Ottawa, Canada.  

So why “feel me”? I am around structured cerebral and smart people: technicians, engineers and computer scientist most of my time. I learned early “surround yourself with great people” – which I have taken verbatim. It would be easy to hide behind all formal credentials, but my aim is to always try to be direct, personal and share myself  “this is me” in a group. I guess I have learned through the years it is friends and people (also students) you meet that is the most important thing. So, the Avatar “I see you – I feel you” – is really the me me. We are connected.  I blogged a lot when it (blogging) was new. Then I had a security wake up call, and one should avoid giving away all the data as this can easily get exploited.  But I am back! With a old nice picture taken at my time at Karlstad University, where I attended the Swedish “gymnasium”/high school (well, I was also in US a year – Hi Bullard Highschool!)

So, hi everybody and “hello-world”. This will be an on-line experience of “learning”. Does it really replace actual meetings one to one or seeing each other? Or should I say “smell you later”?  Blogging is so one way. But why not? Feel me! 

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  1. Hi Sigrid! Great to have you with us and such a nice approach to sharing, learning and community building! Really looking forward to interacting with you during the coming weeks! Best regards from Hammarö, Jörg

    • Yes, Dear Hammarö. I have been riding my horse there many years ago (Västra Takene). I have also had some more recent “not so nice” experiences there. But yes. This is life!

  2. You say that you ”always try to be direct, personal and share myself ‘this is me’ in a group”. I love this, and I hope to strive for the same, but this makes me wonder why we choose this? Why do we choose to be personally open? Does this help us connect with people? Can we then better learn together? Help each other? Maybe we can build upon this in the topic about openness…?
    You also say that blogging is so much one-way. Maybe we can help each other connecting and building on each other’s thoughts?
    -I will love to read more about your journey!

    • Well, I do think it is a modus operandi – a way to role model openness, If I am a bit open, you know you I am and then people can connect to that. And of course, not all need to like who you are, some are offended some even feel jealous etc. For me, it shows who I am, and I can be “just me”, and not supervise everything I say or do. And it has a risk, as I also have been “stalked” (and of course I hear all kinds of bad comments). Also here Therefore I hope this does not goes to much into the open, it is still a restricted community (I hope) I put all the flags in the right place. I do not mind being a part of “research” on pedagogy “study subject” – but I do not like to be outed. And there is always something more private. Showing how you feel is one way of openness.

  3. Thank you Sigrid for this post! I recognize myself in you quite a lot since i’m also quite filter free, which has its pros and cons. I really liked your input to our reflection meeting today.

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