First meeting with the Potatoes!

How long can you discuss a group name? This was not fun.  I was feeling frustrated that it mattered. Just pick a name and “get on with it”. I got stressed,  I have so much work and so little time. It did not help that I already feel like a loser somehow I missed the first “hello” lecture – (as I was waiting in the wrong Zoom meeting room – the group room) – as this was the only link I could find. I do not know what is the matter with me.  I cannot scroll the page (Might have been the edge? or is it me. Or firewall? Or the university computer network? I am tech savvy – but also a tester – that is why I am pretty sure I will find the “only” way to do things wrong….. Well, drop-down lists are bad. And when I looked (I obviously looked too early) there was no information. And now there is. Sigh – so much for preparing on time. So when I had time to prepare it was not there.

Ok ok, relax. Group is fine. Potatoes is funny – not only are we handing the hot one over to each other – but both couch potatoes and “being the first veggie in space” appeals to me. And I grow my own potatoes. They are nourishing – as I hope this course would be. But I still feel a bit lost in space (as a potatoes would be too).  Well. It seems to be a great group. So I am not worried. Supportive great people, that is all I want to meet. We will be doing this easily – and of course I end up with Topic 1. I have no idea what is going on.   How will I mix this into my busy schedule, I wonder. Now – just printed the 13 research papers I have to review – and yes, there is a 60 page instruction on “how to do this” from the PC chairs. Ok – Top conference. Top review. Pressure is on.

But camera worked, and had again to change password to ONL – and I get errors all the time. I am pretty sure someone is trying to hack this. Sigh – We have top quality network here.  Sigh….

Go back again. Reflect. READ!

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  1. So interesting to read about your frustration about time and efficiency. This makes me wonder: Did you gain anything else than the name from the discussions? Did you connect as persons? Confusion and a great group seem to be the tradition in this course at this point! 😉
    -I hope you can feel that the effort is worth it in the end!

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