So much work…

I was warned. I was warned about how engaging the course would be. I love the different groups reflections, tools they used – how different everyone interpreted the use case.
I guess I added some reference to the former blog post. I am not sure this is what is expected. I am simply unsure. But the great Potatoe group reflected. What could we do better, what worked and what did not.

And we have two great supervisors. I am still snickering  and taking in the Calvin and Hobbes strip posted. I love Calvin. Is this how he sees us? As Calvins? Maybe we are.

So, being “personal”: crying helps for sadness. Bob, Seve…Two fab people on each part of the globe. I feel I am now in that more depressed state. Of not feeling I am doing enough. Would love to have a day off eating popcorn.
So I sit “hours” and try to write, try to understand what is expected. What you mean Open Network… what do you mean Open…. Sharing is very opening.

I realize I grow up in a “simpler” world, where not everything has to be questioned- and when you dared to that was enough in itself. What is my reflection? I have a whole lot of new tools to learn.

Miro, How to use transitions in power point to look like a video. I leaned Jam board, and I am confused by both Padel and what did was that called? Prezi… but somehow the tools are new and exiting…. the evening discussions are nice and social, But it is time away from my love.  I should not complain. I did chose this. Totally on my own. But after a long days work, it is much. Is it effective? Does it aid the process? The goal? Learning by doing!

Again, I realize that my working in a company – there are always a GOAL to “do the work as quickly as possible – as good as possible” – and that is the underlying way of working. Here – I realize I must take a deep breath – and try to “enjoy” the ride, even if that means I need to work a long time later to compensate.
I guess my “reflection” is that content wise, I am not so challenged (yet – I can easily see myself doing a PhD in this topic and reading up more, but I see that the screws will slowly tighten… have you done sufficient references? Yes, Did I comment? Yes. More is coming in topic 2) – and that the tools in themselves are most exiting.

Also I LOOOVE that the visitors/residents Privat/public chart on students were pictured in a group. I would love to do that. I think that provides a great list of tools I could explore. Note, I never heard of “RealMe” what kind of tool is that. VR? Game?

Still keeping up though.  (and this time, I put all my effort to the common good). Instead of us posting it “twice”.

Is there a “right” reference list or book for this course? I wonder! I feel more like we are writing it.


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  1. It is great that you as a group reflect on what is working and what to improve. Love to hear more about this in the upcoming posts. Thanks also for being so personal. I can feel both you and the grieving. I hope you got your popcorn in the end. <3 (Recommend Wepopop.)

    Then you discuss the experience of really having a clear goal. In contrary to leaning into the process and enjoying the ride. You also lift the references. You have references at the bottom of each topic, both recommended and further reading, but I guess you asked for something else…?

    -Take care!


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