Part two – Extra clinic and blog-feedback! and On being Topic 3 leader….

This is a short one – a bit of practice for myself!

Blog feed back (summarized) – Clinic and sharing

  1. Not structured enough! Use headings!  (see above 😉
  2. Use pictures to catch attention!  (ok, fine, but limited time!)
  3. I like to read your reflections (thank you – it warms my heart!)
  4.  Think in two steps: First to “satisfy my own learning” (Yes, I am personal) and two: Think about the reader (engaging)
  5. Reflect on feedback (!) questions (my own insight)
  6. Read all others “individual reflection” – and come up with a better blog post list of how to do a reflection. What Can I learn about the journey? What concerns me?
  7. Thank people for taking time to read a blog post by reply! (my own insight) So ….
    Thank you – Here is a SUNFLOWER for you from my garden. – Thank you for commenting and Thank you for feedback!


  On topic: Allowing to let others take space – implicit about group work (our groups)!

Context: As I am a “seasoned” and trained “process” therapeutic (Gestalt Therapy) with massive experience on group work I commented on our group:

  • It is OK that people take space (younger people often need validation and “be right” ) It is ok for me to give that space – as long as it does not dominate the group
  • There is trust in our group, as we can almost “fight” in what way we should do things. (That is a good thing!)
  • Even if people “pushed” and we had a bit of work load sharing – we all contributed – but one method was pushed by leader. It was ok to mention we also wanted to learn, and the leader willingly shared. Hence, I was happy with conclusion.
  • It is a worry that not all have trust in the group – but this is very deep, cultural and personal. It takes time. Allowing people to “not” be super active – lurkers can also contribute.
  • Social awkwardness and speaking up in a bigger group is also something that can take time for some. Asking everyone how they feel right now is a good thing (like the Group 10 check-in procedure).

On Being Topic 3 Leader

On paper: We are four leaders, but I feel we are not four leaders. I miss my male mexican collegue – that would balance us “strong-headed women” 😉 Where are you? Please find a secure connection and join us. Please join?!

  • Relying on someone for leadership is hard. This makes me very tired, as I feel I have to carry the load – and my body aches after a day in front of the computer. I guess responsibility?
  • Now – I work with the wonderful people who both prepare, and make things happen. It works fine! I trust the process, I trust the group. Go with the flow.
  • My ambition of bringing more references I hope pays off. My own list is long. I realized I must read a lot. I do not have time.  What is really “enough”?
  • Why am my own reflections missing references? I guess I read faster than “write a blog or a research paper”. Do I not reflect sufficiently? I sure do! Cause you are on my mind!
  • I think paying forward is important. Let others do (their) mistakes and successes…….How much to feedback? Just enough so people are validated they are seen and heard.
  • Allowing others and “not” go with my own stuff is moving me outside my comfort zone. So, Make it easy (stay with familiar) – or learn new? Of course learn new! That means,
    only contribute to “get things started/going” – then not push your own (way – method, theory, tool). Hence, Get the ball running (by starting), but then “withdraw).

No, I must rest before it is time. Hugs there! If you come this far, you need it!





One response to “Part two – Extra clinic and blog-feedback! and On being Topic 3 leader….”

  1. Here you collect your findings from the blog clinic. Great that you could attend!

    The you state some finding for you group work process. You seem to have an inspiring and rewarding collaboration. You also point out some issues that can be needed to address. You think about letting others do their mistakes and successes. I think this is so important for our learning!

    -Thanks for the hug! 😉


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