Topic FOUR – I just want MORE! A tale of the customer

It is simply deeply satisfying to see the wonderful response of our Topic 3 – and the how the group is coming together – rather business like – to solve my use case, as I could not believe that the group wanted to do this?  And I really had some questions – I needed help – and I got the best help!
How much have I learned this session? With two very professional moderators – and a very active contributing group – all my questions are answered and more! For sure very visual – but also – a bit confusing to orient yourself – you have to know the path to follow the path. Realize that I am still a bit
Serial in how I think on content – But areas was very visually pleasing – and I think the board (Mural OR Miro) is till NOT my favourite tool to understand from an outsider. But of course cool you can do posits. But I guess – I have great experience with collaborating on writing documents together, realizing this is more like working alone but together. So, listening and reflecting – I had to sit just on the bench for this topic. I wonder how that happened. I felt it was difficult to answer my own questions as the group played out.

My own process:
1. I described my use case: This is of course easy – but it turned out to be more challenging – as after discussing with my co-worker  on this course – Reality hits – It takes a lot of time to create a good course.  – More time if using autonomy approaches and even more to create “smart” games.
2. It is good to have a collaborator (on my course) – but I am now more shying away from the WORK it takes to do a MOOC – am I really that committed? Maybe only a part of the course will be on-line content – and that we will wrap this core together. Why? As no good  teaching is autonomous. Hence – it is difficult to follow  advise here.
3. You do not select a tool only – you select a payment context and rules, a lot of do’s and don’ts. Thinking that as we both are from different countries – we both have our own institutional platforms that is more or less enforced. And also – that we now just create an open part
4. The Kay book online gave many hints, much more concrete – so I read it. It seems I was the only one in the group that really looked at this.
5. Surprised how much work was put into the visual of the moderators. Just fantastic.
6. Equally understanding of the response and the great feedback… yes, I am content with the material.
7. Felt that I was almost shut out of Topic 4 – as no one wanted more material or me solving “my own”  so, instead I studied ABC in depth – and prepared this for the course! Go UCL!

Now, this mainly became surface – time consuming – and I am not sure how much group work it really was. All contributed, but really work division, where moderators to the production of the final outcome on. Is it sufficient for a Topic four reflection? I do not think so.

The constant critique is the lack of depth. I feel the same. What is the depth we need to feel satisfied? Ourselves – and learners.
I looked at the other boards. And – I realize that Padlet – allowing you to comment in action post board was a great way to conclude the presentations as in activates the reader and you feel included.  SMART – Thank YOU!
Equally – I think when I look at the boards, it does not really touch me very deep. Again – it is very much on the surface – “good that you learned something” – but for the outsider – it looks simple, surface – repetitive of the text already given, and frankly BORING!
Maybe “hints and tricks” – as well as the format “on a post-it” on a “note” is just to brief as a medium to create depth. You need longer discussion, text, etc to make this more in-depth understanding.

Could this be remedied in this post of Topic Four? Can I add some in-depth referenced reflection that gives “more” to the topic?

I think the insight of “gamification” is the one topic that has changed me the most. Actually that DUOLINGO is used as an example (as I use that app to learn french right now). I realize, I do not care (as a user) about games myself – but of course notice that OTHERS are much engaged in what league you are in. I am more interested in if I am ok – if my progress is good etc. So progress bars, yes, % accomplishments of total work, yes – It makes me be able to plan. It can see how much I have left. It also gives me gratification.  I also really much like the main tools suggestion “flippety”. This will be useful. And then it hit me. No one who is serious about learning fast would spend time doing a cross-word puzzle. It is simply to “time consuming”. So -no, games will be very limited. This is a serious course. It is like the development in the “EuroSTAR” conferences  (a practitioners testing conference) also mirrored in many agile (testing) conferences – the more work  on visual presentations, the more likely you are to be awed by your audience. Ridiculous. It is about the content. So again, why so much form and structure over content? If you have something good to say – you do not need so much bells and whistles.
So – it is who you aim this course for. I do not aim it at web-developers or artists. I aim the course for developers and testers. Some creativity exists…

So, as a customer for my Mooc? I am not sure!
As a customer of ONL? I am not sure – But I can for sure see how the supervisors influenced the decision to “shut me down”. A bit sad. This also came as a reflection into the final round. But that will be a a discussion on Topic 5.

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  1. Here you describe hoe the group came together to help out on your case. You then describe the process. Sounds like a wonderful experience. But then you reflect on the learning? What has really happened, and did we only produce something for the sake of it? This is a VERY relevant question. Do you have any answer for yourself? And what do you think your peers would answer? You are missing the depth of learning: Why is that do you think? And if so, why did your group not go in-depth? You see a sad focus on surface also in your MOOC, you discuss gamification, and you point out, truly, that it’s the learning ride that is interesting.

    -Thanks! Looking forward to reading you post in topic 5!


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