Reflection 1

Hi Everyone!

I joined ONL as an Open Learner from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, Manila, Philipines. I am teaching mathematics and currently the head of the curriculum unit of the Center for Faculty Advancement. I heard this from Ms. Ong after she delivered her webinar at our institution. When she invited us to join this group, I immediately browse the site and signed up. That day, I realized that the session is already starting and I am already two weeks late and I already missed some activities. I was assigned to group 6 and I have no idea about my groupmates. For the first week I joined, I try to catch up by learning how the site works and how to navigate the activities and other deliverables assigned to the learners. When I first met my groupmates, I was very quiet because I am trying to get to know them. During our discussion about the first activity, we used the FISh Model to discuss the reading and arrived at a possible solution to the presented problem. Our group agreed to focus on the feelings of the person in using technologies and other applications. All of them are very vocal about their opinions, as a new member of the group, I am participating in the discussion by using the chat function of Zoom and by writing my comments to the document because I was very hesitant to talk. Our group has a diverse composition and I find them creative in solving problems and presenting outputs.

When I joined, I also discovered that writing reflection papers are required for the completion of this course. This made me think about how I will write my reflection papers because I am not used to writing. Good enough, a reflection clinic was offered and I was able to talk to the facilitators. They gave me insights and tips on writing reflection papers and those inputs were very helpful.

I am glad I joined this group because I am learning new things and the topics are relevant. I am now starting to be an active member of the group and learning how things work. I am looking forward to every topic and new learning that I will encounter through this journey.