Reflection 2


This is my second reflection and it focuses on topic 2. Topic 2 is about openness, which discusses how being open academically and professionally is important and beneficial. In our group, we discuss our feelings about being open personally and professionally. Since I have already talked to my groupmates several times before this topic, I am now becoming more comfortable with them. I am now starting to share more and talk more about my ideas. When I was asked about being open personally, I shared that I am not open personally to other people. I do not share my problems, struggles, or feelings with other people. I usually cover those feelings with my positive disposition in life. I only share some of my problems with people I truly trust, but I do not share everything. Conversely, on the professional side, I am open to sharing my works, ideas, and expertise. I believe that being open and letting other people use my materials will benefit me and others. I don’t mind if they will modify my original work as long as it will benefit many people. I also don’t mind if other people using my work will give me credit. My primary objective is to help other people, especially educators as possible as I can.