Reflection 4: Digital Tools

Hello Everyone!

For this topic, we explored and discussed the digital tools that we are using in our classes. The focus of our group is to identify the digital tools that we can use in our classes and how to integrate them into our synchronous and asynchronous activities. In our discussion, each one of us was tasked to share a tool that we are using and show the group how to use it through a short video presentation. I have several tools in mind but I chose to showcase a tool that I am using in my Statistics class. I prepared a short video presentation and submitted it to our group. The task leader in our group compiled all our submissions and prepared them for our final output. The final output was greatly done and it is like a menu of different tools that we can use in our classes.

The whole process when we are conceptualizing and organizing our final output was fun and enjoyable because every time a group member suggests a tool, we are allotting a short time to navigate and familiarize the tool and check if the tool will be helpful in our respective classes. Every member of the group has a unique tool that they used. I learned a lot and I discovered new tools that I can use. In this topic, I saw again the value of individual contribution to create a great group output. Also, each member of the group suggested ways how to properly integrate the tools into our synchronous and asynchronous activities. In this activity, it manifested that learning doesn’t always come from inside the classroom, it can also be found by connecting with other people.






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  1. Larissa Mickwitz Avatar
    Larissa Mickwitz

    Hi, good idea to share your experiences of different tools! I am often wondering if the tool might stand in the way for learning sometimes. Especially if the digital tool is very complicated to master.
    But working together digitally might evoke a sense of collaboration and belonging.
    Best regards Larissa Mickwitz (PBL07)

  2. Nathasha Luke Avatar
    Nathasha Luke

    Hi Isagani
    Navigating through the topic with my fellow group members I got the opportunity to practically experience different digital tools in teaching . As you have mentioned most of us are using one or two tools which are within our comfort zone and dare not to explore the others. However this session gave the opportunity for us to share our experiences in a teachers perspectives with each other and identify tools that could be useful in different domains

  3. Kieron Barclay Avatar
    Kieron Barclay

    It’s refreshing to see the collaborative approach you’ve taken to explore and share various digital tools for classroom use. It’s evident that this process has not only enriched your personal teaching toolbox but also fostered a deeper appreciation for individual contributions to collective learning. Your reflection on learning beyond classroom walls through connecting with others is a powerful takeaway. Thanks for the post!


    Thank you for sharing a hands on practical tips on how to introduce tools interactively, collaboratively and – i belive – quickly. I found the introduction to new tools one of the best parts of the ONL experience. Learning from others, expecially when it comes to teaching tools, is so much easier and fun when you do it with others!

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