Getting started and trying out my reflection space…

These first days of getting started in the ONL231 course has been a bit hard. The information is all over the place and my brain is a bit overloaded. As a University lecturer in Information design I think the paths to information are a bit strangely designed. It would almost be a task for our students in interaction design to see what type of improvements that could be performed on the ONL-community! For my personal development, it will nonetheless be great to learn more. Parts of the confusion is my own lack of experience in ONL. From previous pedagogical courses, I know that I always leave with something that I actually apply in my teaching! So, Iā€™m excited to se when learning takes over frustration;-).#ONL231


Charlotta Edlund March 29, 2023 Reply

Hello Anna-Lena! I understand your frustration and confusing about the course design, or rather the overload of information on the course page…where to log in and not log in? Google drive, reflection space and etc. I hope you have managed to figure out the structure now and that you think it makes more sense šŸ™‚

Anna-Lena Carlsson March 31, 2023 Reply

It is indeed a little bit better now. I have a low amount of energy to use every day, I suffer from fatigue after a medical treatment, so this is why too much unsorted information becomes problematic for me. But I got there!

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