Topic 5: Reflections on the course and suggestions

A Reflection on the course:

This was generally a stimulating course with a challenging amount of work. Although we had challenges in the beginning when it comes to forming our group as a community in practice, the connections and commitments were clearer and a collaborative environment was built as we went along.

The course at the beginning was concentrated a little too much on the “medium” rather than the message in the sense that we were bombarded with several tools and links and tasks: the dominant focus on the medium of expression and the format of how we should communicate our ideas  presided over at times the content itself and the substance of our reflections. This “medium is the message” approach however was later on balanced by  our proper engagement with the topics given each week. There were two main insights that we discussed in our group that I would like to share here as part of my personal reflection:

While the FISH model in this course has been stimulating, it still could be improved by turning the scenarios into more directly thought provoking and at times provocative forms of inquiry and storytelling.

We even came up with a FISH document ourselves adopting a more povoking and critical approach for a future course. Here is the link in case you are interested!


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  1. It has been great reading all your reflections and it’s interesting to see that your group struggled with the “purpose and meaning” of the course too in the beginning. It is not the product but the process that is important 🙂

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