Connecting 26 Sep

Great to meet the facilitators, participants and especially members of PBL Group 7 on Zoom (Anna from Finland, Florentina from Switzerland, Thomas & Meilin from Sweden, Melissa from South Africa. Melinna was not able to attend today). Facilitator Gregor tried to coordinate 2 common times for group meetings but it was quite challenging. Due to time zone differences, after 2pm CET (9pm SG) would be difficult for me as I am tired and sleepy by 10pm. (I have 8am classes). We managed to fix one timing on Monday, 14h CET and we have yet to fix another. For collaborative learning agreement, we are supposed to suggest the ground rules for group work. I wonder if the facilitators can provide the standard rules as a starting point, we can add or amend the list in our respective groups, instead of every group starting from scratch? (Ground rules: there’s no stupid question/idea, respect everyone’s opinion, every member to contribute fair share….).

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