Topic 1: Digital Literacy and ‘What’s in it for me?’

David White’s framework for mapping individual digital literacy – from visitor to resident, personal to professional is very useful. There are apps/tools that I am mandated to use at work (e.g. Canvas, Panopto, Examsoft, IMMS, Teams), some of them used infrequently like twice a year (for exams only) and I struggle with them each time. They become the ‘masters’, the individual has to ‘comply’. They are not killer apps, they are “kill-joy” apps! My attitude towards these tools are not so positive. In the ┬ápersonal domain, I use FaceTime to chat with my children who are overseas, Youtube for entertainment, e-commerce, e-library, online banking and newsfeed apps which I enjoy a lot and have very positive regard for these apps! So the purpose, why we use the apps, matter a lot. We are more motivated to learn, to be a ‘resident’ when we are using a tool that we enjoy. We tend to be more perfunctory, more like a visitor, when it is something we are required to do, not by choice. The takeaway is that I have to make learning fun, enjoyable and meaningful so that students will be more self-motivated.

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  1. Dear Helen

    Thank you very much for your personal reflection regarding digital literacy. Describing your own behaviour with apps makes it really tangible to understand David White’s diagram even better. And i like your conclusion a lot. Let’s make learning fun, enjoyable and meaningful!

    Best regards,

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