Topic 2: Open Learning & Sharing

I wanted to unpack what ‘open learning and sharing’ means. Is openness always a virtue? The more open, the better? A member of my PBL group seems to think so. I wasn’t sure about this. At the personal level, I learn a lot of things without the need to share with anyone; in fact, people may not appreciate it when I share! At the ‘intimate’ level, there is information shared with family and very, very close friends which should not pervade further. Then, at boards and committees, there is a fiduciary requirement for information and knowledge shared to be kept confidential. At the local level, for e.g. in the university, ¬†using Canvas or other LMS, information and knowledge sharing is kept within the community. Are the preceding scenarios considered ‘ open’? The ultimate is open learning and sharing at the global level – the original intent of MOOCs, Wikipedia. I think that there is a continuum of ‘openness’. More open is not necessarily better or worse – ¬†there is a right time and place for each level of openness.

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  1. Hi Helen,

    I like your approach of questioning open sharing and putting it in the context of different levels. And I understand that in our PBL group you had the feeling that we all find open sharing great and encourage it. To be honest, I also feel a bit like you, I also question this concept, because in my eyes it simply brings with it many uncertainties and dangers. Sometimes I feel that I also have to behave open to OER simply because mythe university of applied sciences where I work promotes it and I am in contact with the people who work for this field. And because I am also taking this OLN course, I think should be completely open to OER…. But does my environment really expect that from me, or do they think perhaps like we do?

    Best wishes,

  2. Petra says:

    I completely share your view. Openness is a continuum and one needs to think carefully what and with whom to share. The picture have drawn shows makes this visible in a very insightful way – thanks.

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