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This last week of the ONL Course is all about reflection. That’s why I’m writing a reflection on reflection. My head is spinning… 🙂

In this (maybe) last blog, I want to reflect on how I feel rather than what I have learned. Because I am grateful:

Grateful for this awesome experience (for free, can you believe it?!?).
…for the chance to meet interesting, motivated, smart, creative, inspiring, funny and caring people;
…for the encouraging, supportive, patient and kind facilitators;
…for the great ONL team, the great organisation, the inspiring webinars with top-class experts;
…for an incredible amount of knowledge, resources, tools, posts and comments;
…simply for everyone who put so much time, effort, knowledge and heart into this experience!

If I had realised what to expect in terms of time commitment, I might not have signed up for this course – which would have been a real shame. But I was so excited about the concept of (open) networked learning that I didn’t look too closely at the conditions but just jumped in. And I would do it again – now that I know that it’s totally worth the effort!

Thank you all, it was an exciting journey, and I can take away so much. Some of my learnings:

  • Good group connection is not only important to feel comfortable, but also to work together efficiently and productively.
  • For me, it’s much more fun in a group, but the combination of independent work, synchronous and asynchronous collaboration makes it richer and multi-layered.
  • Even (or especially) people from very different backgrounds can create something extraordinary together.
  • It helps to have mindful facilitation, some structure, and a common culture (values, rules)
  • Always start with a check-in! 😉

…and many more

So, after the Christmas break, I might be wondering: Now, what comes next? 🙂