It has been a while since I last took on a part time course that required my time commitment and attention for more than a week.

After the freshness and the adrenaline had died down for this course, I began to find it very difficult to maintain the level of focus and commitment.

Very soon, the tasks and activities from the full time job overwhelm me – I had missed one group discussion already due to last minute meeting and would miss another one tomorrow due to another work commitment.

It really requires a lot of efforts to stay the course.

I find that this being an online course adds to the challenge significantly.

It requires me to attend virtual seminar/training, do a lot of readings on my own and completing the tasks with people that thousands of miles away and may not necessarily be contactable when I needed. Some may say it provides freedom … you can do it as and when you want it … yes, but I can only do it after work and there are datelines to be met and all these are making it very tough

It is definitely a new challenge for me – but one that I am determined to continue, to participate as much as I can to seek new learnings.

Finger crossed that I have the stamina to last till the end.

Regards, KK

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