Here is the my first blog post regarding Topic#1. Hope I can trigger some thoughts

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When we start to read the first scenario given to us, the feeling of “scarcity” of the persona towards online activity took my attention. From that moment on, I keep searching about how the organisations/institutions can tackle those personal feeling we might face with sooner/later against online platforms. Then I became more interested in how an organisation can help tackling these feelings.

In my personal journey, particularly during lockdown periods, online teaching creates pressure on my shoulder since the feeling of the perfection since course material I create will stay online. It’s like handing away the control beyond my influence since one mistake during that material does not have chance to correction in the following lecture where in-class teaching we always have this opportunity. Therefore it is easier to remove misunderstanding with less propagation before moving further in the students’ knowledge.

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In order to avoid such circumstances, organisation should educate and guide us through in this new culture development to enable the lectures/teachers confident while creating digital footprint through online platforms and being reliable guide through digital environment as well. Prioritising among different skill set and providing necessary training materials might be good start point. Also, particularly when new material and online asset introduced by the organisation to the students and the teachers, it is very important to have enough guidance, digital navigation service to help exploring those new tools. By this way, we can eliminate the negative feeling against digital environment from the very earlier moment as considering infamous expression of “You Never Get a Second Change to Make a First Impression”.

One thing the organisation can promote to use of the digital environment, as similar to our ONL-Open Networked Learning experience, is creating international ecosystems where it offers fast learning, learns from global domain, interacting people with different background and better engagement for using the digital literacy. From my personal feeling, I believe if those environment did not exist, I would feel more hesitation and struggle to complete the items required for completing the tasks.

Through exploring Topic#1, I have been found some interesting studies and articles which discuss how the organisation utilizes AI tools. Even AI provides some advantages to the online learning platforms such as personalised learning and enhanced tracking of the learning, there are some existing question which needs to be addressed like ethical issues, AI responsibility .

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