Getting Started And Failing already?

It took me three attempts to finaly create the reflection space – I received error messages at various stages of the process and had to start all over again. Then I struggled to create a new post. But, if you can read this, I finally succeded.

Still wondering why I had to set up an additional blog (also WordPresss) in the first place, as this looks quite similar to a blog to me. Well, I’m sure I will find out! Also I never got my other blog to go live, so… I might need this one.

All in all I feel a little bit overwhelmed by all the posts in the community space. Since I registered I was flooded with so many posts from the other participants. I’m looking forward to meeting them all – and I wonder how to keep up with all the information so willingly given by mostly everyone. Also, I’m excited by the variety of people – I’m sure it will be a great experience.

So, all in all – mixed feelings. But mostly optimistic :).
In any case: Thanks for the possibility to be part of this!


Hi there!
Sorry to hear about your troubles of getting this place fixed. What kind of error messages did you get?
We will most definitely try to be more explicit with our instructions. The reflection space is simply an offer for those in the community who do not have blog/individual reflection space. Feel free to use your previous one, just add a category for ONL222.
I totally understand your feeling of being overwhelmed. A suggestion. Just like in the open web, you choose the connections/information/people/parts that seem most relevant for you.
Hoping that the optimistic feelings remain and become larger.
Warm welcome to the course. Really good to have you with us!
Best from rainy Sweden,

Dear Jörg,
I fear my new laptop has problems with the WLAN connection, because I also had problems in online-meetings recently. Althoug – the error messages where from WordPress, but unreadable, because they always appeard at the right corner, only the first word readable, but there was no bar for scrolling, so the rest was hidden.
I will see if the problem will show up again.
I actually like, that you offer the reflection space and I don’t have to use another tool. I’m sure everything will be figured out soon.
Thanks for the suggestion, Gregor already said something like that. I find it difficult to choose because so many people sound so promissing 🙂 But I think as soon as the PBL-Groups are out, it will get easier.
Looking forward to tomorrow!


Good to hear!
For that failure message a refresh often helps. We are still working on resolving this…
Thank you for the feedback. It’s actually the first time in “ONL history” that we provide the reflection space.
How did the connecting week go?

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