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Digital literacies

The digital native generation is here. How to keep up?

This picture describes very well my feelings about digital literacy. After taking part in literature, I recognize that I am more comfortable being a visitor online than a native or a resident. That means I am going online to find information, using tools, and then I am stepping out. I feel terrified of sharing my thoughts online. On the other hand, I am working with the generation where the students probably are feeling much more comfortable, not only with digital tools, but also communicating, and “speaking digitally”. The older generation (including me) is probably first thinking, as in the picture, that digital native only means handling the tools, and the hardware. Although the digital way of living is much more than that. When I started this course, I did not really know the wide of digitalization and how it is changing the way of education. It is not all about the tools, it is also about being comfortable with digitalization, and with the change digitalization is driving. Rather than swimming against the current, I will jump on and float with the current and I am curious to see, where it is taking me.

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