My name is Florentina Gartmann and I am an environmental engineer. I work at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) in Switzerland as studio assistant for the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning and as an research assistant at the Institute of Natural Resource Sciences.

I am very happy that I can attend this course so that I can learn more about the design of online courses. I can later use this knowledge to advise MOOC teams that are developing an online course at the ZHAW.

Looking forward to get in touch with you!


Great that you are test a little already. Keep it up. You might want to try to set a “featured image” for a post and see what happens to the post and your first page.
Have fun during the course and speak soon!

Hi Florentina! Welcome to the course again, and welcome to the reflection space! I wish you a pleasant and not too confusing entry in the world of networked learning! I am looking forward to your learnings and personal reflections.

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