Jörg Pareigis
Course organiser

Jörg Pareigis is Head of the Centre for Teaching and Learning at Karlstad University, where he is also Assistant Professor in Business Administration and researcher at CTF, Service Research Center. In addition to his role as program manager of the International Business program, he leads the externally funded WISR16 and WISR17 course development projects. The purpose of the projects is to develop open online graduate courses for professionals in the private and public sector based on strategically important research centres at Karlstad University.


Lars Uhlin
Course organiser

Lars Uhlin has recently retired from his position as Educational Developer at Linköping university. He has a background in Nursing and has long experience of Health Care Education and Problem-based learning (PBL). For the last 20+ years he has worked with educational development in different settings both on the national and international arena and is one of the founders of ONL. Some of Lars’ main focus areas has been professional development and educational design within a framework of problem based-, interprofessional- and online learning. He continues to be engaged in ONL, as a member of the organising team and is also involved in coordinating a national/nordic network for PBL as well as being a member of the steering group for the Swedish Network for Information Technology in Higher Education (ITHU).


Lotta Åbjörnsson
Course organiser

From September 1st, 2022, Lotta Åbjörnsson works as Coordinator at the Unit for Educational Services, Lund university, Sweden. She has a background in physiotherapy and as educational developer. During the Covid-19 pandemic she worked as system manager for e-meeting tool Zoom at Lund university. Nine years as part of the organiser group behind the ONL project from the start in 2014 transformed her from tech-adverse to tech-savvy, counting teenage kids saying “we’ll ask mom” one of her main feats.


Alexandra Wirth
Course organiser

Alexandra Wirth I work at the Careum Foundation, Department Educational Development and Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences Switzerland in Zurich, Department of Health Science. In Careum Educational Development I work as pedagogical researcher in the main areas of further development of curricula for problem-based learning (PBL) as well as teacher training PBL, interprofessionality and health literacy. At Kalaidos University I work as junior researcher in a EU project H2020 about mental health and wellbeing of adolescent young carers. I was an open learner in ONL181 and was completely enthusiastic, and have been engaged in the ONL project since.


Filip Levälahti
Course organiser, PBL facilitator

Filip Levälahti works as an e-learning specialist at Arcada, University of applied sciences in Helsinki, Finland. His job is to support and develop the teachers’ competences in online and blended teaching and to coordinate the pedagogical infrastructure in the campus. Filip also teach a course in digital literacies for all new students at the university. He follows the expression “good online pedagogy begins with good pedagogy, period” (Paul Creasman) and is eager to find out how good pedagogy can be applied with modern technology.


Tore Nilsson
Course organiser

Tore Nilsson is a senior lecturer in language education, Stockholm University. With a background in English linguistics he now works with foreign language teacher education, in-service training of language teachers and research in language education with a special interest in teacher cognition and professional development. Over the years he has developed several outreach projects together with colleagues, the latest being CIRCLE – Current Inquiry and Research Conversations in Language Education. Tore participated in ONL171, and he has (co-)facilitated PBL groups in subsequent iterations. Now he is co-ordinating the team meetings together with Alexandra Wirth.


Miriam Fischer
Open learner facilitator

Miriam Fischer works in the E-Learning Team of Zürich University of Applied Science Department of Social Work. She has a linguistic and paedagogical background.

Alastair Creelman
PBL co-facilitator

Alastair Creelman was formerly an e-learning specialist at the Linnaeus University library in Kalmar, Sweden. He was one of the ONL course organiser team from 2014 till 2022 when he retired. He now spends his time reading, hiking, travelling and lots of little diversions. He has many years’ experience in educational technology including many international projects and organisations.


Ann Vestfält
PBL facilitator

Ann Vestfält works as a Lecturer at Karlstad University in Sweden, where she manages and teachers courses at the university’s Teaching Programmes. Having taught upper secondary school students for over a decade and being involved in various school development projects as well as international collaboration, she is now keen to pay her knowledge and experiences forward, but is equally open to acquiring new competences, especially within the area of blended learning. Ann took the ONL course in the spring of 2021 and has been a co-facilitator or facilitator since.


Bianca Le Cornu
PBL facilitator

Bianca Le Cornu has been a designer and creative for 22 years, and a passionate educator for 18 of those years. Working as a lecturer, developer, campus coordinator and eventual programme coordinator within the creative field, she decided to move her focus from design to education and completed her Masters of Education in ICT (with a focus specifically on creative education). She now works as a learning designer for Educor under the Uni4Online brand and is also a part time lecturer at a technological university in the field of transdisciplinary design studies. In her free time, she is passionate about design, reading, games and learning – and loves spending time with her bunny, dog and mynah bird 😊.


David Bevington
PBL co-facilitator

Until August 2022, David Bevington was a Study Support Tutor at the Cornwall College Group. He was based at the Camborne campus. Currently he is working as an educational consultant for a local community interest company delivering online training sessions to the widely dispersed primary and secondary schools in the county. This allows the schools to receive training in a timely fashion and avoids the problems involved in travelling to each one individually. David is also a foster carer and, with his wife, provides TEFL training.

Since 1986, he has worked as a teacher-librarian at colleges and universities in both the UK, in Cornwall and London; and overseas in Papua New Guinea and Namibia. During his career, he has participated in a variety of networks and initiatives that have increased his interest and involvement in developing online learning opportunities for academics and students. David participated as an open learner in ONL192 and is enjoying incorporating the concepts he learned into his design, development and delivery of blended learning courses. He has been  a co-facilitator or facilitator in each iteration since.


Diane Pilkinton-Pihko
PBL facilitator

Diane Pilkinton-Pihko is a linguist, who is teaching English to non-native speakers at Aalto University in Finland. She did her graduate work at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and her post-graduate studies at the University of Helsinki (Finland). Her research interests include English as a lingua franca, recognition or prior learning, and content and language integrated learning. Her main work involves teaching oral and written communication to students in the fields of engineering or industrial arts. In recent years, developing and teaching courses as blended or online have become a central focus. She designed and taught her first fully online course in 2011, and since then has continued to develop herself and her courses for e-learning.

Erik Månsson

Erik Månsson I am a Swedish citizen who has been an expat in a number of countries since 1993. Currently I am based in Germany, since I came to Frankfurt in 1998 to help build up the European Central Bank. During that period, I was programme manager for the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) introducing BIC and IBAN account numbers and harmonizing European payment systems. Since beginning of 2019 I have a new role at Karlstad University in Sweden teaching leadership and project management remotely.

In autumn 2020 I participated for the first time to the ONL training and found that it was very useful and highly adapted to my new job for online education. ONL helped me to continually improve and develop my own teaching practice with the ability to test and put into practice along with my own personal learning. The PBL group served as a global peer group learning community to exchange experiences, discover new perspectives and challenge each other in a positive way.


Gizeh Perez-Tenorio
PBL co-facilitator

Gizeh Perez Tenorio loves research and considers herself a passionate educator. For many years she has mentored students at Linköping University where she also practiced Problem Based Learning as part of the PhD program: “PBL, for me, was hard at the beginning but brought a lifelong reward at the end”. During ONL162 she discovered the power of PBL online and became fascinated by the course design and pedagogy. In the future she would like to understand more about what makes a successful collaboration in virtual teams, to design pedagogical material for digital courses and to learn MOOC design.

Gregor Theilmeier

Gregor Theilmeier is a trained anesthesiologist, translational researcher and passionate teacher. He has taught at various medical schools since 1995 and now holds a professorship at the University of Oldenburg in Germany, where he participates in the founding of a new medical school. He holds a cross appointment at the University Medical Center in Groningen. He started to teach PBL (offline) courses in the late 1990s at the medical school of the University of Münster. Ever since he has been engaged in and passionate about teaching PBL in medical contexts. He participated as a student in ONL181 and was so excited about online teaching and learning in the ONL format that he immediately returned to ONL191 to join in supporting the next generation of ONL enthusiasts as a co-facilitator, and hasn’t left since.


Katarzyna Radke
PBL co-facilitator

Katarzyna Radke is an internationalization coordinator and a senior lecturer of English at the Foreign Language Teaching Center of Adam Mickiewicz University (AMU), Poznań, Poland. She teaches general English and English for Specific Purposes with the focus on e-learning techniques and the use of new technologies in language learning. One of her main interests lies in the use of online tools for intercultural collaboration and virtual exchange in higher education. Together with her international partners she has launched 6 COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) projects for students from Poland, Finland, Sweden, Spain, Argentina and the Netherlands. Katarzyna was an open learner in ONL211, and is now back in the role of a co-facilitator for the third time.

Lars Harrysson
PBL facilitator

Lars Harrysson I work at Lund University, School of Social Work, as a senior lecturer. My main focus in research is in social policy, elderly care and health care. At the moment I am involved in a project called Proactive cancer care, which involves knowledgeable people from many various branches of academy, practice and patient groups. My teaching, apart from joining the ONL team, focus on online and flipped classroom courses in social work and design sciences. I followed the ONL171 a few years ago and took the chance to co-facilitate in ONL172. Very rewarding, thus to try to support the ONL movement was not a hard decision when asked.

Nadia Cheikhrouhou
PBL co-facilitator

Nadia Cheikhrouhou is a lecturer at the Higher Institute of Technological Studies of Béja, in Tunisia. She teaches business and entrepreneurship. She is also responsible for a pre-incubation program that supports innovative students in their entrepreneurial projects. Nadia is also an intercultural dialogue facilitator and has a good experience in designing and implementing Virtual Exchange projects. She participated in ONL 202.

Nicolette Karst
PBL facilitator

Nicolette Karst I work as an educational developer at Mid Sweden University, facilitating introductory and advanced courses in higher education development. I also am the system manager of our video platform. My pedagogical interests are the use of video in education, accessibility, inclusion and generic skills in on-campus and online teaching and learning. When I first attended ONL I liked it very much, learned a lot, and increased my network. I then stayed on as a co-facilitator and facilitator in subsequent iterations. ONL is an experience for life!


Rachel Forsyth
PBL co-facilitator

Rachel Forsyth is a senior educational developer at Lund University, Sweden. She is particularly interested in curriculum design, digital learning, and assessment design and management, and is currently researching how trust is built in the classroom situation – all topics which are very relevant to open and networked learning!  Her recent book, Confident Assessment in Higher Education (Sage, 2022), is a practical guide for anyone working in higher education to understand and improve assessment.  Rachel was a facilitator for ONL’s predecessor, FDOL, and has continued to use what she learned to design many open and networked learning courses since then. If it works, don’t fix it!


Suzana Chaves
PBL co-facilitator

Suzana Chaves is an Associate Immunology Professor at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Her research lines are development of new therapies to cutaneous leishmaniasis and evaluation of vaccine adhesion and coverage rates in Brazil, aiming the identification of cultural, economic and health access barriers, enabling the implementation of educational programs, awareness campaigns and effective public health policies. She was an open learner on ONL 192, having a great time of learning and interaction, and in ONL 241 returns to the ONL world for more experiences, changes and mutual learning as PBL co-facilitator.


Verily Tan
PBL facilitator

Verily Tan is an academic developer with the Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning in the National University of Singapore. Verily has a strong background in Instructional Systems Technology and the Learning Sciences. These inform her work on designing self-paced blended learning courses, working with faculty on technology-enhanced courses, and supporting students and their supervisors in undergraduate teaching opportunities. She was a participant in ONL212, and has been a co-facilitator or facilitator since.