Welcome to join the Tweetchat related to topic 3!

This time, Miriam Fischer, Gregor Theilmeier, Danielle Santos and Jörg Paregis will be discussing aspects of open collaborative and networked learning and continuing the discussion from the webinar (16 April).

This optional event will take place on Twitter and you will need a Twitter account to participate. A tweet chat is a synchronous discussion where each post is a tweet with the same hashtag, thus to see the tweets for the chat you have to search for that hashtag or use a specific tool for tweet chats like Tweetdeck (tweetdeck.twitter.com) or Tweetchat (tweetchat.com). Preparation: please watch Alastair Creelman’s film about tweetchat and if you are new on Twitter we recommend you to first see Alastair’s film about Twitter. You can also check out the Tools page to see different ways of using twitter.

Miriam Fischer (@netzlernen) Jörg Pareigis (@joergelp) will lead this tweetchat using our Twitter hashtag #ONL201. Search for the hashtag #ONL201 to see all the discussion posts.

  • Questions will be posted on Twitter with a number attached, eg “#ONL201 Q1 What do you think about xxx?”
  • To comment/answer – post a tweet and remember to start with the hashtag and the question number, eg “#ONL201 Q1 ….”.

“See” you on Twitter!
The ONL team


April 23, 2020

11:00-12:00 CEST

Please check your timezone.