ONL is not a MOOC. However participating in ONL as an independent learner resembles the original MOOC design and setup very much.

Dave Cormier explains the main principles better than we could ever do:

One difference in ONL is that not ALL spaces are and EVERY material is shared openly. Institutional participants and open Learners will have access to closed community spaces, which require a user account and log in details. This is done in order to overcome challenges of MOOCs and provide a more “safer and private” environment for participants and many discussions and interactions are held there. Nevertheless, as independent learner you can successfully participate in ONL. What we mean by this is again eloquently explained by Dave Cormier:

Different to other MOOCs, ONL is held twice a year. If you look for a community interested in open networked learning you are at the right place and we hope to connect with you. So we suggest, as Dave does:

Participating is a great way to prepare yourself if you would like to participate next time as institutional participant or open learner. Leave your details under “Register for ONLXXX” in the top menu and we will get in touch once the next iteration starts.