On this page you will find all reflections from participants who connected their individual reflection space.

Humans are inherently social. We are accustomed to collaborating and learning from one another — to a narrower sense in small groups and to a broader sense in communities. Community of practice is formed when historical learning develops into an informal and dynamic social structure between participants who share a common interest and engage in […]
When thinking about a Blended Learning course I am a bit hesitant. I love the idea of blending synchronous and asynchronous phases as both offer a variety of opportunities and can encourage learning in different ways. The perfect mix can get the students to great learning outcomes. But why am I hesitant? Because there need […]
Unfortunately, I had a bit of a medical issue and could not attend the meetings for most of topic 3. They also coincided with the busiest part of the semester, where I had many teaching arrangements, writing, and administrative tasks. This made keeping on track immensely difficult. Consequently, I let my team mates down. I […]
I have worked with soft skills in Engineering Education for a while. And quite recently, I held a presentation at the 9:th Development Conference for Engineering Education.For engineering students, having both soft and hard skills is essential for a su...
Reflecting on self-directed learning within blended learning contexts, it’s clear that the key to its effectiveness lies in harmonizing students’ learning intentions with the established learning goals. Blended learning, a dynamic educational model that combines synchronous and asynchronous learning, requires a well-thought-out structure and transparent communication to be successful. The primary challenge lies in creating […]
Today, I gave a short webinar for electrical engineers of Volkswagen AG in Germany on the topic of lifelong learning with the help of personal learning networks (PLNs). Here are my slides and below the links to the online resources. Lifelong learning – Wikipedia Personal learning network – Wikipedia The Difference Between Emergency Remote Teaching […]
Learning communities are not an unknown concept. We basically start when we are students at school. Mostly, we do not see the advantages (except when you are the person who is free riding). Mostly it is more work and less efficient. BUT when I got older and started university I realised that there are some […]
Reflection on Topic 3: Learning in Communities Joanne Kuai joanne.kuai@kau.se The benefits of engaged pedagogy and learning in communities have been widely acknowledged, as human beings is a social person in a social world, and in relation to participation, the social and the individual constitutes each other (hooks, 2010; Wenger, 2010). In building a learning […]
“When we are not dependent on each other, a learning community cannot exist.” This profound insight resonated with me as I navigated the complexities of online learning communities. It highlighted a fundamental truth: the success of these communities relies heavily on interdependence, underpinned by a sense of belonging and shared purpose. In my experiences building […]
In October, I had the opportunity to participate in the Oeglobal23 conference in Edmonton, Canada. More on this shortly, but here my presentations in the meantime. Have Open Educational Resources finally arrived in Swedish Higher Education? Have Open Educational Resources finally arrived in Swedish Higher Education? from Jörg Pareigis ONL – A global cross institutional […]
The facade of my open learning journey started with open access publishing. This is perhaps one common ground for researchers and educators to understand the importance of open learning and sharing. The basic principle that underpins innovation and knowledge is the availability of existing knowledge to be accessible to anyone who wishes to scrutinize it […]
The idea of learning being free always seemed like a utopian fantasy to me – something ideal but perhaps unattainable. Yet, we are witnessing a movement towards this dream in an era where knowledge begins to flow with a freedom similar to music on Spotify and YouTube. It’s a growing trend where the expertise of […]
What is openness and which value does it have in my private and professional life? The two past weeks made me reflect on my own practices and my attitudes towards openness and sharing. What I learned is: Always start with yourself. How can I expect others to be open when I have not shared much […]
Reflection on Topic 2: Open Learning – Sharing and Openness   Joanne Kuai joanne.kuai@kau.se   This work is licensed via CC BY 4.0   Open education practices (OEP) involve open education resources, open teaching and learning processes and open research and scholarly practices that incorporate some key principles such as accessibility, flexibility, shareability, affordability, innovation and […]
Reflection on Topic 1: Online Participation & Digital Literacies Joanne Kuai joanne.kaui@kau.se When I first started teaching as a first-year doctoral student, covid struck. I had envisioned myself as a teacher greeting those young and radiant faces of the Swedish and international youth in the classroom, walking around the lab, answering students’ questions on the […]