On this page you will find all reflections from participants who connected their individual reflection space.

  In collaborating with my PBL group to design an introductory online blended course using the ABC learning method, I gained valuable insights into the process of course design and the effective integration of different teaching approaches. Through our discussions and brainstorming sessions, I learned the importance of aligning the learning activities and assessment criteria […]
Howdy, ONL231 enthusiasts! May I start with how much fun each part of this course was? From the lively meetings to the great discussions with the amazing team members, it was a fun and insightful roller coaster of conversations. This post is more a reflection on ONL231 as a whole rather then a specific topic. […]
Ok, now the course is over and I have to think about online learning by myself. Me and my colleagues at the department are constructing a hybrid online course for this autumn 2023. Maybe this is when I put theory into practice. But no, the whole ONL course has been about putting theory and practice […]
Blended learning revolutionizes the educational environment, incorporating synchronous interaction while providing the flexibility of asynchronous learning. Finding the right balance between these two approaches is key to creating an effective and fulfilling learning experience. “Teachers who focus on the real role of universities – teaching students how to think deeply and critically – and who […]
“Our only plan is to improvise.” Daft Punk – Fragments of Time (Ugur, 2021) In today’s connected world, learning is no longer confined to traditional classrooms. Digitally connected communities offer unique opportunities for students to collaborate and participate in social learning. This blog post explores course design strategies that foster collaboration, influence students’ ability to […]
In this blog post I reflect on what I have learned about creating engaging online activities for synchronous  learning. For those who might not be that familiar with the concept of synchronous learning, it means that students are required to log in and participate in class at a specific time each week as compared to […]
Good evening, fellow ONL-ers! Since I finished my workshop early this afternoon, it’s looking like a double-post day! Since there’s not really reading material for this last unit...
I started this week with a discussion in my group about the future of education. How would education look like in 10-20 years? I was excited to listen to my group since they are more involved in innovation and technology than me. We talk about a dream of open and accessible education where you could […]
Many of my colleagues believe that blended learning is difficult, as it is had to design course content that provides the best opportunities for both only and face to face learning. I have entered this reflection with the aim to explore the possibilities. Step 1: Make a self-assessment I started by filling the “Community of […]
Before I started ONL, I briefly read about the shift in learning approaches — from behaviourism (which was how we were taught growing up) to social constructivism. In my own education journey, we did not have much of project works or group work in our curriculum, but we sometimes hear the term “study group” — […]
Reflecting on the challenges of online learning during the Covid-19 pandemic, I realized that technological tools can be an asset but are not without obstacles. We tackled the assessment issue and the problem of determining individual contributions to group tasks. I’ve realized that while oral assessments can address this to an extent, they are not…