Topic 5: Lessons learnt – future practice

16 – 22 May 2022
During this very short concluding week, peers and facilitators will reflect on and share learning experience from ONL as well as look ahead to see how this will influence our present and future practice.

Activities for all learners

We are taking a different approach in topic 5. During this last week you are going to reflect on and discuss your experience from this course and your view on learning in your group and in your blog and you are going to interact with the other ONLers through a specific digital tool (Miro) and during the final Webinar. More specifically:

PBL group work

1 – Discuss and reflect with your group around the following questions:

  • Insights: What are the most valuable insights that you take with you from this course?
  • The ride: How did you find collaborating in an online PBL group?
  • Take-away: What would you like to take with you into the future?
  • Questions: What questions do you still have?

2 – Insert your group reflection in your group’s island on the Miro board as sticky notes, comments or something else. Feel free to comment on other groups’ islands. 

3 – Imagine that you found a treasure in the main island so you can design your dream online course. How would you do it? What would you do? For whom? Document in the Miro and take also your thoughts to the final Webinar.

Learning blog

Based on your previous reflective posts and experience gained throughout the course, summarize and critically reflect on your learning and development. We would like to remind you that this post is mandatory if you want to receive your ONL certificate. The final summarizing blog post should contain approximately 400 words. You can use the questions below to guide your reflection:

  • What are the most important things that you have learnt through your engagement in the ONL course? Why?
  • How will your learning influence your practice?
  • What are your thoughts about using technology to enhance learning/teaching in your own context?
  • What are you going to do as a result of your involvement in ONL? Why?
  • What suggestions do you have (activities and/or in general) for development of eLearning in your own teaching or context? 

Share your reflections! Please share your thoughts on what it has meant for you to be a member of this ONL community, in your blog and also maybe on Twitter?

Join us for a final webinar! The intention is to share experiences and to have a discussion on various aspects of the ONL course. Furthermore, we would like you to interact and comment on different topics, using a microphone and camera. See the event page for further information.

Continue networking – stay connected!  Continue to use your Twitter account – find ONLers and follow them to promote further networking even after the course is finished! Are there other social platforms you could use for further networking?

Post tips for the participants in the next ONL course

Discuss what advice and encouragement you would like to give to the participants in the next ONL course. What have you struggled with, and how did you overcome that? What benefits did you have from this course? Etc.

Post it in this Padlet and we will present it to the participants in ONL222!


In the Webinar – Lessons learnt – future practice on Friday,  May 20th 10:00-11:30 CEST we will reflect and discuss our experience from this course and how we will move forward. Try to connect five minutes in advance. See the event page.

Optional readings and resources

Open Universities report Innovating pedagogy 2021 available here

NMC Horizon Report teaching and learning edition 2021 available here


By the end of this topic, you will have had the opportunity to:

  • Reflect on and share learning experiences from the ONL course
  • Reflect on how the group work has influenced your learning (in your PBL group)
  • Reflect on and share how to use your newly acquired knowledge in current and future practices


Final webinar, Friday May 20, 10:00-11:30 CEST


During this topic I have:

  • Attended the final PBL group online meeting(s)
  • Contributed actively to the group’s work reflecting and summarizing
  • Contributed actively to the group discussion
  • Commented on some colleagues’ blog posts
  • Written my final summarizing blog post for the course