Welcome to this workshop on Wednesday 6 March 13:00-14:00 (CET) (check your timezone) which will be a hands-on session about creating and working with your individual reflection space. You will be invited to engage in hands-on activities that cover the essentials of WordPress and similar platforms, including:

  • Understanding the (WordPress) Interface: Navigating the distinction between the frontend (what your readers see) and the backend (your control panel for creating content).
  • Privacy and Accessibility: Configuring different access and privacy levels to safeguard your reflective space while engaging with a broader audience.
  • RSS Feeds Basics: Exploring the fundamentals of RSS feeds and how they can enhance your portfolio’s reach and interactivity.
  • The art and science of reflecting: A short reminder about the process of self-examination and comparing viewpoints through engagement with materials, group interactions, and participation in activities.
The workshop will be run by Jörg Pareigis.

Jörg Pareigis is an assistant professor in Business Administration and director of library as well as the head of the Centre for Teaching and Learning at Karlstad University, Sweden. He has vast experience of developing open online graduate courses for lifelong learning based on strategically important research centres at Karlstad University. Jörg was a participant of FDOL and is since 2019 part of the organising team of ONL.

The webinar will be in Zoom. Make sure you have a webcam and a headset set up before you enter the room. At this point it is unlikely, but if you have not used Zoom before you can watch this film explaining how to join a meeting. To go to the meeting, click the “Go to event” button to the right. You will however not have to use camera or microphone if you do not specifically want to ask questions outside the chat.

Part of Open Education Week 2024


6 March 2024

13:00-14:00 CET

Please check your timezone.

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Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash