Welcome to this topic 4 webinar with Marti Cleveland-Innes!

During this webinar you will, together with Marti Cleveland-Innes, Anne Whaits and Cecila Hellekant, be able to discuss Community of Inquiry (CoI) as a framework for designing flexible, networked and community-based learning.

The idea is to have a “flipped” webinar, giving the opportunity for much interaction and deepened discussion on learning design and the Community of Inquiry framework (CoI) from an educator perspective. 

As preparation for the webinar you should view Marti´s introduction video on the Padlet for the topic 4 webinar. After you have watched the videos please add comments and reflections to questions posed in the Padlet. You can do this indivdually and/or as a PBL group.

Dr. Marti Cleveland-Innes is Professor and Chair of Centre for Distance Education at Athabasca University. Athabasca University is a Canadian university specializing in online education. They have programs and courses all offered online for 40 000 students. She has also been a Visiting Researcher at the Department of Learning KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) Sweden.



Wednesday 25 November, 2020

16:00-17:00  (CET)

Please check your local time.