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If you have not tried out a tweet chat previously, take the opportunity to join this event. A tweetchat is a synchronous discussion in Twitter where each post is a tweet with the same hashtag, thus to see the tweets for the chat you have to search for that hashtag or use a specific tool for tweet chats like Tweetdeck ( or Tweetchat ( 

We will be discussing a number of questions about openness in education. How open should we be in our teaching? Is open always best or is there a case for more restricted communities?

Preparation: watch Alastair’s film about tweet chat and if you are new on Twitter we also recommend you to first see a film about Twitter. You can also check out the Tools page to see different ways of using twitter. Alastair (@alacre) will lead this tweet chat using our Twitter hashtag #ONL171 . Search for the hashtag #ONL171 to see all the discussion posts.

  • Questions will be posted on Twitter with a number attached, eg “#ONL171 Q1 What do you think about xxx?”
  • To comment/answer – post a tweet and remember to start with the hashtag and the question number, eg “#ONL171 Q1 ….”.

A link to the summary of the Tweet chat will be published on the ONL Overview and schedule. 

“See” you on twitter!
The ONL- team


15 March, 2017

7 – 8 PM (CET)

Just tune in to #ONL171 on Twitter (see text for how to do this.
Please check your local time.

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