Lars Uhlin
Course organizer, facilitator
Lars Uhlin works as an Educational Developer at the Unit for Medical Education at Karolinska Institutet. He has a background in Nursing and has long experience of Health Care Education and Problem-based learning (PBL). For the last 15 years he has worked with educational development in different settings both on the national and international arena. He is also coordinating a national/nordic network for PBL and is a board member of the swedish network for educational developers (Swednet). Some of Lars main focus areas are professional development and educational design within a framework of problem-based learning, interprofessional learning and e-learning.

Maria Kvarnström
Maria Kvarnström ,
Course organizer, facilitator
 Maria Kvarnström works as educational developer at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden. She has a background as Biomedical Laboratory Scientist and research in the medical field before working full time with education. Maria has an interest for online learning and how to manage the challenges for facilitating learners when locating education to an open online learning environment. Further she has a strong interest for PBL, started already when being a student at The Faculty of Health Sciences at Linköping University, and is very interested in investigating how to work with PBL online.

Mohammed Seed Ahmed,
My name is Mohammed Seed Ahmed, a Lecturer in the Unit for Medical Education (UME), within the Centre for Learning and Knowledge (CLK) at the Department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics (LIME), Karolinska Institutet (KI), Stockholm, Sweden. Basically, I am a Medical Doctor (M.D.) and an Assistant Professor at the Department of Physiology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Khartoum, Khartoum, Sudan. I have had my Ph.D. in Medical Science from the Department of Molecular Medicine and Surgery at KI. In addition, I had the chance to accomplish the Master Programme in Medical Education at KI since I have a great interest concerning pedagogy in Higher Education

Lotta Åbjörnsson
Lotta Åbjörnsson, 
Course organizer, facilitator
Lotta Åbjörnsson works as an educational developer at the Division for Higher Education Development (AHU) at Lund University, Sweden. With a background in Physiotherapy and a Diploma in Physiotherapy Education she has worked as a teacher mainly in Physiotherapy programmes employing Problem Based Learning (PBL) as their method of instruction. Her keen interest in eLearning and the digital world is of a very recent date and it is with a fair bit of reluctance she has been able to convince herself of the usefulness and discover the inherent joys hiding in the nooks and crannies of digital tools and social media.

Kenneth Johansson
Kenneth Johansson started at Lund University studying history and writing his PhD thesis, but ended up supporting computers and technology at the Department of History and the Faculty of Humanities and Theology. He has worked with platforms like LUVIT since the end of the 20th century, the last years as administrator for the Faculty of Humanities and Theology and now as a kind of “SuperAdmin” for Lund University. Kenneth works part-time at the Division for Higher Education Development (AHU) at Lund University.

Alastair Creelman
Alastair Creelman ,
Alastair Creelman is an e-learning specialist at the Linnaeus University library in Kalmar. He is particularly interested in the opportunities that technology offers to open up education to all. He monitors developments and trends in educational technology and disseminates his findings through his blogs, Twitter and other social media as well as in published articles and conference contributions. He has taught in most areas of education (school, adult education, corporate training and university) and is today active in several national and international networks and organisations as well as Nordic and EU projects.

Anders Gerestrand
Anders Gerestrand,
 Anders Gerestrand, is a teacher of Media Technology at Linnaeus University since 14 years back. He has a background as a sports teacher, but the subject has done that he focused on digital learning tool. He also teaches at teachers training on ICT issues. At Linnaeus University, he is a part of the Centre for Educational Development in Higher Education

Anne Whaits,
A Teaching and Learning Specialist,  Anne Whaits passion for new learning spaces, interactive pedagogy and educational technology as an agent of change reflects in many of the strategic development projects she drives as Academic Manager of Varsity College (an educational brand of The Independent Institute of Education, the largest private provider of higher education in South Africa). Anne’s current applied research interests include eLearning, learning ecosystems, transformative learning design and adaptive teaching strategies. A strong proponent of open educational practices and resources, Anne drives adoption of blended learning across a national footprint of eight higher education campuses.
Stefan Stenbom,


 Stefan Stenbom is a Ph.D. and Lecturer in online learning at the Department of Learning, KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Research interests are in analyzing teaching and learning in online and blended environments, especially in one-to-one settings. He is the Director of Studies for the technology for learning unit and teach courses in online and blended learning for teachers in K–12 and higher education. He also supervise theses on master level. Stenbom has been awarded as one of the most innovative teachers in Europe in 2010 and won the International E-Learning Award in 2013.
Anna Wach-Kąkolewicz


 Anna Wach-Kąkolewicz   works as an assistant professor at the Department of Education and Personnel Development at the Poznań University of Economics and Business (Poland). She has background in pedagogy and media education and she also works as an educational developer at the university. She runs pedagogical competence development program for PhD students and organizes short trainings for other faculty. Her research concerns academic development and teaching in higher education. In her work she tries to combine theory and practice using new teaching ideas to make learners engaged in creating active learning environment.

Zsuzsa Kovács,
 Zsuzsa Kovács works as an assistant professor at Eötvös Loránd University, Institute of Education, Department of Adult Education and Cultural Studies in Budapest, Hungary. She holds different courses in the field of education related to adult education and teacher training. She earned PhD degree in Educational Sciences researching the supportive context of self-regulated learning. She has more than 10 years’ experience in higher education, nowadays focusing on educational and professional development of academics. Recently she has started to deal with a research project about supporting doctoral students in order to develop their teaching role reason why she has shown strong interest regarding the collaborative online communities and PBL.
Jennifer Contreras


 Jennifer Contreras  has been a Guest Lecturer in Linnaeus University-Kalmar in Computer Science Department and is currently teaching online at Al Madinah International University in Malaysia. She has been teaching Computer Science/IT subjects for 15 years in different parts of the world wich enabled her to learn different cultures, educational systems and pedagogical techniques. For now, she is concentrating on distance education and research about E-learning from assessing the readiness state to the Importance Performance Analysis and Service Quality Assurance. She has worked as Head of the Department of Computer Science where she experienced to develop Curriculum, Course Syllabi, Standard Procedures and Guidelines, Implementing Rules and Regulations etc. aligning to ISO standard. She is also interested to learn more about PBL because she believes that academicians should not only be good in the course content but also in the pedagogical aspects to encourage the learners to co-create and become active learners.
Linda Grandsjö


Linda Grandsjö is a teaching librarian at the Social Sciences Faculty Library at Lund University.  As a subject librarian for the Department of Political Science she has been teaching Information Literacy (IL) to students on all educational levels at the department for the past 10 years. She is particularly interested in the use of different digital tools or platforms both to enhance student activity and to respond to different learning styles. As a librarian she is also interested in Open Access, Creative Commons and Open Educational Resources. Linda is familiar with Problem Based Learning (PBL) both from her studies in Library and Information Science as well as a former participant of the Open Networked Learning course.
Paula Morais


Paula Morais is currently involved in a project, to provide online accredited courses and MOOCs to Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon, and to Jordanian disadvantaged youth. Paula works as an international consultant and advisor on open education, open data, e-learning, distance education, mainly in developing or middle income countries, some of them in fragile contexts, in Africa, Middle East, Caribbean, Latin America. She has been working with the European Union, UNDP, International Telecommunications Union, World Wide Web Foundation, Governments and Higher Education Institutions.
She is also finalizing her PhD thesis on the impact of openness policies in equality and equity in fragile contexts.
She was a participant in FDOL141 and a co-facilitator in ONL 151.
Fabio Cristiano


Fabio Cristiano  is a doctoral candidate and lecturer at the Department of Political Science,  Lund  University (Sweden). His research interests evolve around issues related to cyberwarfare and speak to debates on virtuality/reality and unity/multiplicity in political thought. He enjoys relating these debates to pedagogical questions, practices and development. .
Victoria Owen


Victoria Owen  works as an Academic Development Manager at Varsity College (an educational brand of The Independent Institute of Education, the largest private provider of higher education in South Africa). Victoria works with a team of Teaching and Learning specialists across a national footprint of eight higher education campuses as they drive adoption of blended learning at Varsity College. Victoria has a background in teaching Economics to undergraduate students. Victoria has a specific interest in current trends in teaching and learning in online and blended environments.
Johan Von Heideken


Johan von Heideken is Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon at Astrid Lindgren Children’s Hospital Stockholm, Sweden and have for more than 10 years been involved in education at Karolinska University Hospital. He has a PhD and is affiliated with the Department of Women’s and Children’s health, Karolinska Institutet. Johan is a former participant of the Open Networked Learning course and is interested in E-learning, a rapidly growing field that is changing and influencing the learning environment and provides opportunities for learning through new types of activities.