Welcome to this webinar on Monday 28th November at 3-4 pm (CET). The aim of this webinar is to share each group’s design. This means that one person for each PBL-group should be ready to share the outcome of the scenario at this webinar.

The webinar will be in Adobe Connect, go to https://connect.sunet.se/onl/ and choose “Enter as a Guest”, add your name in the box and click “enter room”. The room will open 15 minutes before the start, and you are encouraged to enter the room then if you want to check your settings before it starts.

For more information about Adobe Connect please see  an overview here, or a written guide (pdf).

This webinar will consist of you, the course participants, share of your PBL-group work for topic 4. To do this, each PBL-group should prepare a short 5 min introduction to your process and output of the design scenario. You can use supporting material (such as links or so) but keep in mind that you only have 5 min to present.

In the webinar, you will be divided into breakout-groups (i.e. PBL group, 1–4, 5–8, and 9–11). Where you will present your work, listen to others and discuss different approaches. This means that at least one participant from each PBL-group will need to be present at this webinar.

The expected outcome of this topic is not that you should have a complete learning activity, ready to be given. What we ask you to do is to examine the field of learning design guided by the scenario and come up with suitable designs for the scenario (i.e. focus on Analysis and Design in the ADDIE-model and skip Development, Implementation, and Evaluation). However, if you want to develop some learning material, feel free to do so.



November 28, 2016

15:00-16:00  (CET)

Please check your local time.

Main room, Break-out room B, Break-out room C.