2022-03-05 14:24:31
Lotta Åbjörnsson
Dear colleagues, Finally we have set off for the exciting learning journey of ONL221 and there is already lots of activity in the ONL221 community and on twitter, using hashtag #ONL221! There are close to 80 registered participants who will study in 11 mixed PBL groups! In the course common ONL221 community there are also […]
2022-11-22 09:11:33
Helen Chen
Like the previous two topics, I believe that collaborative learning (CL) has a gradation of values. There must be a clear purpose for CL. In the right situation, the benefits of CL are indisputable. For e.g. in research, it will be inefficient for each researcher to work individually, making the same mistakes, duplicating data and […]
2022-11-22 08:45:42
Helen Chen
I wanted to unpack what ‘open learning and sharing’ means. Is openness always a virtue? The more open, the better? A member of my PBL group seems to think so. I wasn’t sure about this. At the personal level, I learn a lot of things without the need to share with anyone; in fact, people […]
2022-11-22 08:28:56
Helen Chen
David White’s framework for mapping individual digital literacy – from visitor to resident, personal to professional is very useful. There are apps/tools that I am mandated to use at work (e.g. Canvas, Panopto, Examsoft, IMMS, Teams), some of them used infrequently like twice a year (for exams only) and I struggle with them each time. […]
2022-11-22 07:54:19
Marjukka Mikkonen
This topic and the proposed idea for individual learning on an occasion, in which real collaborative learning took place made me think the time I was doing my master’s in Sweden at KTH. Collaborative learning can be defined as “a teaching method that brings together students to discuss a topic important for a given course […]
2022-11-22 01:56:24
“…so leave your message and I’ll call you back […] You’re intruding on what’s mine And you’re taking up my time Don’t have the courage inside me To tell you please let me be Communication, a telephonic invasion I’m planning my escape…” In 1995, Gwen Stefani crooned these lines, part of the song “Spiderwebs” allegedly […]
2022-11-21 00:31:36
Sigrid Eldh
This blog post have four entries and structured in the following content based on the 3P-Model of learning from (Biggs, J.B. 2003. Teaching for quality learning at university. Maidenhead: Open University Press.) This model describes three stages in the process of learning (in constructive alignment): Presage Process (Facilitating the group for Topic 3) Product (Our […]
2022-11-20 11:14:10
Lars Uhlin
Welcome to topic 4 – Design for online and blended learning We hope that you all at this point of time in the course feel well-settled with the ONL learning environment and that you have found a good structure for your studies and PBL group work. It seems that the previous topic on Learning in […]
2022-11-15 15:49:18
suresh paranjothy
I have a dream of setting up an open learning community or network for students learning ultrasound in my institution. Here are some of the reasons why i think this could be useful: The topic in question currently does not have dedicated time allocated to it in the course structure and it is difficult to […]
2022-11-15 07:39:51
Christoph Zimmel
For good pedagogical reasons, the ONL222 course is a forum which welcomes, fosters, and practices openness. Higher education institutions increasingly often emphasize the benefits of openness[1], with digital open resources and practices contributing to an increasing range of pedagogical possibilities. Generally, following Bali et al.’s (2020) understanding of different forms of openness, it is important […]
2022-11-14 08:38:30
Yoke Sim FONG
In my blogpost for Topic 1, I reflected on my “brave new leap” and my ongoing journey in the digitally connected world. I have learnt to visit new apps and sites even as I continue to reside in familiar ones. Hopefully, as I gain new knowledge and insights, I will continue to develop new perspectives. […]
2022-11-14 01:41:05
Caroline Ingvarsson
During the reflection week, I encountered a couple of discussions on evidence-based methods and research in relation to this course – both the difficulty of finding research and evidence for how we should (or could?) teach online and the need for using more evidence-based methods within the course. Online teaching is still in its infancy, […]
Crowd at concert
2022-11-11 11:44:31
Lotta Fröjdfeldt
Now we will go into week two of topic 3. We hope that you have had intersting discussions in your group. This Monday you are welcome to discuss the topic further with other participants. -Welcome to the dicussion webinar Monday 14 November 11-12 CET!