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2019-05-25 23:09:29
Mboni Amiri Ruzegea
What are the most important things that I have learnt through my engagement in the ONL course? Why? The most important thing I have learned in this course is the use of internet technologies to communicate and collaborate in an educational context. Why? Technology has made teaching/learning much easier compared to traditional class rooms or face to … Continue reading Topic 5: My Reflections on how ONL will influence my practice
2019-05-25 16:55:00
Marie Tapper
Monochromatic design. (Photo, and design, by me.)As I wrote in my first post, this course has been a challenge for me and how I’ve dealt with the feelings that the course has generated, mostly feelings of frustration and confusion, is to use my experie...
2019-05-24 14:48:43
Anne Duplouy
That is it! The ONL191 came to an end, and although I did miss the last week of the course due to busy field work in another country, I still think I did take as much as I could from the course. I registered to the course in the Fall 2018 with the idea in … Continue reading Reflecting
2019-05-24 08:19:04
Wasif Afzal
The ONL course has been like a breath of fresh air. Back in November 2018 when Lotta Fröjdfeldt from MDH emailed about the possibility of joining this course, I knew that something is interesting about this course and I offered to participate in the course without waiting. I remember Lotta was cautious in the beginning … Continue reading My Reflections on ONL
2019-05-22 12:03:00
Charles Venance
Tracing from the three topics covered, topic four is now calling upon another attention focusing on designing an online and blended learning course. Focusing on key approaches for designing that course, one of the important components to consider is ho...
2019-05-20 17:05:00
Charles Venance
In psychology we believe that human being is a social being, meaning that need to interact with other people as struggle to find his/her well being. The same applies in academia especially in the environment with a computer mediated technologies accomp...
2019-05-20 17:03:49
Luis Gerardo Sarmiento Pico
I started this adventure because I wanted to scratch the itch for more ways to interact with the students outside the classroom. I have used in the past tools like Live@Lund to mediocre… Continue reading
2019-05-20 16:47:39
Luis Gerardo Sarmiento Pico
This topic follows very nicely the previous one regarding its emphasis in the different presences: social presence, cognitive presence, and teaching presence. However this topic adds the emotional aspect of learning as a… Continue reading
2019-05-20 15:28:28
Alexia Cox
Yes, you read right – Plog, not blog. So, what is is? Well, during one of our sessions we came up with the term plog: a professional blog. You might remember reading in one of first posts, the challenge I faced as to whether I would write professionally or as the true me. I chose … Continue reading My Final Plog
2019-05-20 13:49:37
Luis Gerardo Sarmiento Pico
Let’s start this post by mentioning that it was at this point into the ONL course where I realized that our learning subjects where mirroring our learning experiences. From this point on it… Continue reading
2019-05-20 09:58:12
Luis Gerardo Sarmiento Pico
Based on the previous post, let’s say I decided to stay and be a digital resident in my institutional persona. What options are there? Where do I start? In this analogy, which neighborhood… Continue reading
2019-05-20 09:07:00
Charles Venance
Reflection on this topic marks the end of my ONL191 journey. In my reflection there are three key issues which I want to share with my readers; these will include lesson learnt from the course, challenges encountered and my comments for future practic...