By Lars Uhlin
On June 27, 2020
We want to thank you all; participants, co-facilitators and facilitators for all your engagement, making ONL201 such a great learning journey! We hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have!! We are now looking forward and are planning for the next iteration ONL202 starting in September! Anyone interested to join ONL202 as an […]
By Daniel de Augustinis
On June 15, 2020
By perolof
On June 11, 2020
Så kom då den upphaussade presskonferensen om Olof Palmes mördare. Det blev verkligen platt fall då inget nytt presenterades. Det inledande spaningsarbetet för att få fatt Palmes mördare har fått mycket kritik men avslutning blev väl inte så mycket bättre. En fråga som väcks är om skall det stå i historieböckerna att ”Skandiamannen” mördade OlofFortsätt läsa "Vad skall det stå i historieböckerna?"
By Alastair Creelman
On June 9, 2020
Below is a preliminary overview of the topics, dates and some of the common course activities that are scheduled so far. More activities like webinars a tweet chat etc. will be added for each topic. In addition to common course activities you will have regular online meetings in your study groups (PBL groups). These meeting […]
By mehrdad
On May 31, 2020
A great example of learning in communities and collaborative learning is the ONL course itself. As part of this course, each group works together towards creating a shared body of knowledge by investigating different aspects of the topic under study. One important success factor in this context is having a common goal and making sure … Continue reading Topic 3 – Learning in Communities and Group Learning
By Nuria Solsona
On May 29, 2020
Online and blended learning have become the new normal but yet they suggest a highly disruptive model that cannot be adopted overnight. Implementing open and online/blended learning requires that we change not only the delivery methods and technologies, but also the culture and teaching practices. To adopt it can be overwhelming, so let’s take oneContinue reading "Topic 5: Lessons learned"
By mimsho
On May 28, 2020
For me, one major learning outcome from the ONL course was the realization that so much pedagogy, strategies and online tools have already been thought out, planned, executed and analyzed, that my colleagues and I certainly don´ t have to invent the wheel again. I´ m wholly convinced now of the value of collaborative learning,Continue reading "Topic 5 – Lessons Learnt: Go collaborative!"
By lindiwe
On May 28, 2020
The library and academic research, in particular, have been changed profoundly by the explosion of publishing, the break-neck pace of changes in information deliverytechnology, and the glorious and dauntingly chaotic flowering of information onthe Internet. As libraries, information specialists, media specialists, librarians,and faculty members struggle to keep up with these rapidly proliferating changes,they must moreContinue reading "Learning Communities and Libraries"
By lindiwe
On May 28, 2020
Libraries serve at least three roles in learning; firstly they serve a practical role in sharing expensive resources. Physical resources, such as books and periodicals, films and videos,software,electronic databases, specialized tools such as projectors, graphics equipment, cameras are shared by a commuity of users. Human resources, librarians( also known as information specialist) support instructional programsContinue reading "Libraries in blended learning"
By lindiwe
On May 28, 2020
Libraries play a vital part in helping people become digital citizens because they are accessible and trusted institutions in the community. They provide free access to learning. Lifelong learning and knowledge creation have long formed the core of library services (Lomax, 2020). Present libraries are working under invariably changing e-environments. Rapid advances in modernized technologiesContinue reading "Digital Libraries and Digital Literacy"
By Hailong Li (MDH)
On May 26, 2020
Blended learning becomes more and more popular. My firs继续阅读"Blended learning – a new solution"
By Patrik Klintenberg
On May 26, 2020
The current situation with the Covid-19 pandemic has forced us all to adjust and adapt our teaching and examinations. Campus courses have been turned into online distance courses overnight. One issue that has been widely discussed and debated among the colleagues at University is: How do we design written examinations for online courses? Under normal …

Continue reading How do I design a written exam for my online course?