Good to see you here! You created your user account and you are able to explore the site receive emails from us. This post is just a brief guide to get started quickly as facilitator or co-facilitator.

New community

We assume that you remember the ONL Google+ community which now will be been replaced with our own ONL community space in WordPress. You will still need to use a Google account to access Google drive which will be integrated within each group space.

As the course moved to its own space, which is entirely new, it must still be regarded as “under construction”. Texts moved from the old site is still to be updated and functionalities must be tried out, so we need your help to test it and furnish it.

You should at the moment have access to 2 groups: #ONL191 and Facilitator group (see the menu “ONL community” at the top right corner). In the Facilitator group you will be able to access our common Google drive.
Please try out the menues and start to familiarise your self. Below is what you can do to get started!!

Things to do

  1. [profile url=”profile/” text=”Update your profile”]
  2. Introduce yourself in the facilitator group
  3. Please explore the site and make yourself comfortable