In the ONL course an important part of the learning process is to reflect on the things you are experiencing and how you understand it. This is an on-going activity during the course and you should write down your thoughts and present them after each topic. In the instructions for each topic you will be presented with specific reflective tasks.

By reflecting you will understand yourself and your learning better. There are several things that you can look at: for example your understanding of the material, how well you understand certain concepts, how presented ideas could work in your own context etc. You can also look at your own practice and see how you can apply these new ideas or make a comparison. By looking critically about how you learn, you will also develop your metacognitive skills.

To share what you have learnt with your peers you can use a visual journal, field diary or create a learning blog. The reflections can be presented in the form of a text, a video, an audio file etc. We encourage you to continuously write down your thoughts, ideas and reflections from your learning experience, as you go through the course.

Many of our participants have used the learning blog for their reflections. We encourage you to connect your reflection blog to the course homepage. By doing so, your posts will be shared with the ONL community and you can get input and feedback from other course participants and the course team.