Problem based learning (PBL) is a student centered approach to learning where the student’s learning is based on reality based situations. The students collects information about a specific problem, discuss it togheter and then solvs the task together. The basic pedagogical idea is that it is learning and the learner who is in focus. In PBL, the student is responsible for his own learning. Nerantzi & Uhlin (2012) has developed a FISh model that can be used in collaboration with other students to structure the learning process.

In dental hygienist program, the pedagogy always has been based on active learning where the students have been involved in their own learning in different ways. The students have had access to digital lectures and course litterature. In their study groups, they have discussed specific issues or reality-based patient cases wich then was presented to other students in writing and orally and disscussed in seminars. We teachers have not called this PBL but I belive that the pedagogical way of thinking is about the same.