Technology is changing the world rapidly then of course the old ‘talk and chalk’ classroom is in need of a facelift. I have always been amazed with using different applications to make a video or a cartoon , I could never do those things on its own but knowing how to navigate an app I can become a really cool cartoon maker or video artist. My thinking now is how do I expose others to this world of wonder and get them involved in blended classrooms. Being the Educational Technologist on campus gives me the opportunities to explore the online and blended learning environment and finding ways to design for future classrooms.

One afternoon maneuvering through the Joburg traffic I got a call from my colleague (who was actually fighting pneumonia that the time) she wanted to know if I would be interested in joining the ONL 192 MOOC. At that moment (braking before the red light) I though this could be a good opportunity to experience an online MOOC and to find out what others are thinking and doing around blended learning.

I registered for the course and here I am on the second week of the course and wondering what will follow next…

At the Beginning