Reflections on Open Networked Learning Course

Prior expectations: Thanks to our facilitators Sandeep and Karin at LTU, they briefed about structure and format of the new way of learning course. After reading through ONL website and orientation, I had few expectations; to learn about new way of learning method of problem based learning with emphasis on collaboration and openness from differentContinue reading “Reflections on Open Networked Learning Course”

Open or closed?

MOOC: SWOT Analysis

There are two types of governments; one is dictatorship, and another is democratic.There are two sets of people in expressing the views; one is introvert, and another is extrovert.There are two methods of operating systems; one is closed, and another is open-sourced.There are two types of software; one is proprietary, and another is open-sourced.There areContinue reading “MOOC: SWOT Analysis”