Reflections on my journey

This final topic came so quickly that among our daily duties I suddenly realized it was our last meeting, last webinar , last task to be completed… When I look back at these hours since February 2022 which I spent on reading , watching, talking and writing I feel  satisfied as well as fulfilled. I […]

How to blend in person and online teaching

Design for online and blended learning Topic 4 concerning the design for online and blended learning seemed for me even more difficult than previous ones. I was afraid that we would have to prepare a given syllabus to show that now we know how to do it whereas I still am not sure. Luckily we […]

Learning in communities versus network learning

When I read for the first time topic 3 title I thought we would share experience about our teaching and learning processes that we conduct in different communities. I suspected that we would talk about teaching young students, adults or adults in their working environment, e.g. a company. This is what I do as a […]


I have started rowing…

Sharing and openness is with no doubt obvious feature of open learning. However for many of us it seems really difficult to come to terms with this fact. During our PBL group meetings and discussions some of us(including me ) expressed their fears connected especially with the issue of “sharing”. Working for different institutions we […]

After ice breaking week

Participating in international project in 2022 should be really easy because our civilized world has developed so much and so quickly that using different IT tools can only accelerate the process of communication. However, athe first week of our common meetings some very basic circumstances prevented some of us from being present in person at […]