Topic 4 reflection – Quiet black tiles on the Zoom screen

The CoI Framework The CoI Framework presents 3 key elements that are key to creating a meaningful online learning experience – cognitive presence, social presence, and teaching presence (Swan et al., 2009). Making sense of past online teaching challenge This framework helped me to make sense of my experience teaching an online course during the […]


Harvesting maximum value from collaborative learning

This week’s ONL topic shed light on the essential elements required for effective collaborative learning. In my PBL Group meeting, one of the members asked these questions: “What’s so wrong with “divide and conquer”? I’ve always done it this way… Have I been doing collaboration wrong all this while?” This made me think more carefully […]


Two questions about open educational resources (OER)

As I journeyed through Topic 2, two questions formed in my mind: Are my blog and social media posts considered OER? According to UNESCO (n.d.), OERs are “learning, teaching and research materials in any format and medium that reside in the public domain or are under copyright that have been released under an open license, […]

Missing the trees for the forest

Aiming for the forest When I signed up for this ONL course, I was thinking about connecting my students with other students in different parts of the world. I teach a module on workplace communication skills to undergraduate students. Most of my students are local Singaporeans. In some semesters, I get international students in my […]