Topic 5

So time fore som reflection on the course, my PBL-group and my own work. If I start with the course it selves, I can come up with mostly positive comments, so let’s start there. The first topic was around openness and sharing, two things that have had great impact of the growth of Internet, and … Fortsätt läsa Topic 5

Topic 4

During this topic I focused on how to try to ensure good communication in courses. Good and honest communication among students and between teachers and students are keys for a successful course. Successful interpersonal communication enhances learning. Building trust is essential to deal with emotional issues that arise in courses. It is essential for the … Fortsätt läsa Topic 4

Topic 3

Some conclusions drawn while working on topic 3 regarding how to organize active courses. There are differencies between in campus and distance courses, but on the otherhand I think that both types of cources need to be designed in the same way to be relevant in the future. During our work in the group we … Fortsätt läsa Topic 3

Topic 2

What are the opportunities and dangers of “going open”? Opportunities and dangers of “going open” Although the idea of opness is thriving at the moment, it is important also to look at some challenges that might have effect on the development of open resources. According to (Dr. Jan Hylén, ”Open Educational Resources: Opportunities and Challenges”) … Fortsätt läsa Topic 2

Topic 1

During Topic 1 we worked on Digital Literacy. Digital literacy refers to an individual’s ability to find, evaluate, and create information on various digital platforms. One of the first steps of reaching global digital literacy is to work on the level of access to technology. Inequality network speed, economy, technical knowledge and democratic rights around the … Fortsätt läsa Topic 1

1st Week of ONL-course

A few new things done!

Starting with Twitter, a bit boring but at least I have done it

Starting writing a Blogg, this i also new to me

Meeting with PBL group colleagues. Interesting to meet with them, I think this is going to be a fruitfu…