Reflecting on an Online Networked Learning course (ONL191)

ONL191 is an Online Networked Learning that was developed as a response to a growing need for courses dealing with the use of digital tools for teaching and learning. The course design is based on open, collaborative and networked learning practices and participants explore how a problem-based learning format can be utilised for CPD in … Continue reading Reflecting on an Online Networked Learning course (ONL191)

The Empathy Map as an Early Learning Design Activity

Topic 4 for  the ONL191 course focuses on how to support and design for learning, with a particular emphasis on accounting for emotional presence (in the context of the Community of Inquiry framework) in learning design. My problem based learning group decided to focus on an Empathy Map learning design exercise that would be used early … Continue reading The Empathy Map as an Early Learning Design Activity


Piloting an Open Pedagogy Assessment

In the 2018-2019 academic year I have worked to introduce an open pedagogy assessment in the online BA in Humanities (Psychology Major) programs. I was inspired by some excellent presentations at the 2018 OE Global conference hosted by TU Delft in beautiful Delft, Holland that gave examples of different possibilities in incorporating open pedagogy assessments … Continue reading Piloting an Open Pedagogy Assessment

DCU Connected

Digital Identity & Literacy: Who am I in the Digital Age?

As a ‘third-space’ (Whitchurch, 2008) academic working in online learning, my digital identity is inseparable from my professional identity, and also deeply ingrained in my personal life (which I keep separate through the use of separate accounts for email, social media, etc.). I identify strongly with where I work, Dublin City university’s (DCU) National Institute for … Continue reading Digital Identity & Literacy: Who am I in the Digital Age?